3 Simple Tricks to Stay Positive

3 Simple Tricks to Stay Positive

Use these 3 simple ways to find the positivity in any situation — you’ll thank yourself later.

We all have the best intentions when it comes to staying positive, but it can be tough — especially if our lives are overwhelmed with busy family and work demands. Here are three ways to help you on your journey to staying positive.

1. Retrain Your Brain

Optimism is more than a short-term rationalization and a way to displace and deal with disappointment. Forcing yourself to have positive thoughts can create a feeling of calm and positivity throughout your body.

The next time something negative happens to you, consider all the things that are positive in your life.

Tip: It may sound silly, but try keeping a list of things in your purse or wallet that remind you of all that is positive in your life.

2. Avoid Negative Thoughts

Continuous negative thoughts only reinforce feelings of unhappiness. Instead of focusing on the negative in the situation, try to find at least one positive thing that can come out of it.

This may sound easier said than done, so here are a few examples:

Negative: Your child drew on the walls with permanent marker.

Positive: You wanted a new paint colour anyway, right? Think of that or the funny story you’ll have a few years down the road.

Negative: A co-worker is always rude to you.

Positive: That’s one fewer person on your holiday shopping list .

Negative: Your dog used your favourite shoes as a chew toy.

Positive: It’s time to go buy a new favourite pair of shoes!

3. Try Meditating or Yoga

Both meditation and yoga are great ways to relax your mind, take some time for yourself and hit the reset button.

Not sure how to meditate? Consult our guide for beginners and get started!

Is a yoga class not your thing? Try our tips for doing yoga at home.

Choosing an optimistic outlook can help you cope with circumstances and enrich your wellbeing.

How do you stay optimistic when the going gets tough? Share your tips in the comments below!


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