21 Foods That Could Complicate Your Pregnancy

21 Foods to Avoid That Could Complicate Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time. Everybody wants to pamper you and lavish you with love, usually in the form of food. While you may have some food cravings, there are some you must absolutely avoid as these could lead to unnecessary health complications for you and your baby.

Here is a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. And also remember to talk to your doctor before deciding to consume any of these after your baby is born and also about what to eat during pregnancy.

1. Certain seafood and fish

Do not give up on all fish (since some are good for you), but avoid those with mercury (king mackerel, swordfish, shark and tilefish), smoked sea food , fish likely to be exposed to pollutants (salmon, striped bass, bluefish and trout), and shellfish (raw or even cooked can be unsafe).

2. Undercooked or raw eggs

Even desserts made with raw eggs (mousse, mayonnaise) may contain salmonella that causes diarrhoea or vomiting.

3. Undercooked meat and poultry

These contain listeria bacteria. Frozen meats must be heated up to 75 degrees to kill the bacteria which is a known cause for vomiting, miscarriages and foetal damage.


4. Unpasteurised dairy products

Always drink fresh and boiled milk and consume only those airy products that use pasteurised milk.

5. Unpasteurised soft cheese

Unpasteurized soft cheese such as brie, feta, camembert, queso fresco, etc. must be avoided as they may contain listeria bacteria that can cause miscarriage, premature birth or birth defects.

6. Unwashed fruits and vegetables

The skin could be covered with pesticides or parasites that can be harmful for the foetus.

7. Raw vegetable sprouts

Raw sprouts are very good for your health, but not during pregnancy as they contain harmful bacteria and viruses.


8. Nuts that cause allergies

Nuts such as peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts can cause allergies, leading to swelling of body parts.

9. Restaurant made salads

If you feel like having a salad, make one at home. Low quality, unwashed fruits and vegetables can contain the listeria bacteria, which can harm the foetus.

10. Unpasteurised juices / fresh juices in restaurants

These can contain the harmful E.coli and salmonella bacteria, leading to unnecessary complications.

11. Excessive caffeine-related products

Too much caffeine can act like a diuretic and lead to low birth weight. Also, excessive caffeine has been linked to stillbirth, foetal deaths and spontaneous abortions.


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12. Herbal teas and supplements

How herbal is the herbal tea you’re consuming? While there is always the risk of consuming fake herbs, some herbs are also not good for you when pregnant.

13. Canned foods

Canned foods by definition are not fresh. Plus, the can lining contains Bisphenol A that affects the foetus.


14. Nitrate-rich foods

Foods like bacon, sausages, diet sodas, artificial sweeteners  have low nutritional value which makes them unhealthy options during pregnancy.

15. Sugar-rich foods

Cravings aside, do not over-indulge in sweets as this will only result in higher sugar levels.

16. Street foods


Besides being unhygienic, street food can give you upset stomach and food poisoning.


17. Excessive vitamins

Do not pop extra vitamins as some vitamins can interfere with normal foetal development, induce early labour, or even cause congenital disorders.

18. Simple carbohydrates (maida)

Not exactly harmful, but breads, pizzas and muffins can cause constipation.

19. Fatty foods

Gaining weight is not an excuse to add to the kilograms. Your cholesterol levels will shoot up and create unwarranted heart complications.


20. Leftovers and potluck meals

Even when stored in refrigerators, food can contract bacteria. Potluck meals are usually made in advance, giving bacteria time to begin growing.

21. Alcohol, in any form or any amount

If you must drink, drink once to celebrate the pregnancy, and then after you stop breastfeeding.

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