15 Things You Must Keep in Your Pregnancy Hospital Bag

Pregnancy Hospital Bag for Delivery Checklist - 15 Must Haves

Most to-be-mothers who are planning a hospital delivery don’t pack their bags with all the essentials, making giving birth even more of a nightmare than it should be. That’s just inviting trouble that could’ve been avoided.

If you’re on the verge of your first childbirth then you’re definitely in for one hell of a rollercoaster. What you can do to make things a lot smoother for yourself is to pack your pregnancy hospital bag perfectly.

15 things your hospital delivery bag absolutely must contain:

  1. Yoga pants and a nice, comfortable cotton tee together make the recovery phase a lot better.
  2. A comfortable and loose nightgown; so much better than what the hospital has to offer for sure.
  3. Pyjamas with a front opening to make breastfeeding easy.
  4. As your feet will tend to be swollen post-delivery, it’s better to pack slippers or flip-flops that are a size or two larger than your un-pregnant foot size. Get massive fluffy socks to pull over your swollen feet and legs.
  5. Carry a video camera and digital camera to capture memories because the pain may dull your senses in the moment.
  6. Where there’s a camera, you will need to carry batteries; loads of them.
  7. A baby book is something you will be really happy you carried. Why? The nurses will put your baby’s hand and foot prints in it for you.
  8. Carry your cell phone for when you need to call someone urgently.
  9. Lip balm and hair ties because your lips are going to dry up from dehydration and your hair will be all over the place unless you tie it up.
  10. A toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash for oral hygiene without having to move far from your bed.
  11. Shampoo and body wash. You can’t really depend on the hospital to understand your specific skin and hair type can you?
  12. Leave-in hair conditioner; don’t take the trouble to wash it off.
  13. Your own toilet paper; it is bound to be better than what the hospital will provide.
  14. Your own, personal towel; you don’t want to trust a towel that other people may be using too.
  15. Carry some music; don’t underestimate the power ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and ‘I Will Survive’ have to ease pain and other delivery-related issues.

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So, prep your hospital bag for delivery the right way and you will be able to significantly reduce your frustration and anxiety levels during childbirth. While nothing can really prepare or equip you for what you’re about to put your mind and body through, a well-equipped pregnancy bag or kit is the closest thing to being delivery-ready. Also, if you’re reading this, we’re guessing you’re expecting a baby soon and your delivery is probably just around the corner. Hearty congratulations in advance; you’re about to witness much more joy in one moment than you may feel in an entire lifetime!

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