10 Ways to a Stronger You

Discover a Stronger You in 2016

We all know meditation is the energiser of mind, body and soul. Have you tried Vipassana? It’s a 10-day retreat but it’s worth every bit. If you have an option, you must go for it.

Vipassana is believed to be the way Buddha practiced meditating many centuries ago.   At the retreat centre, participants have to:

  • Stay silent – no talking, no TV, no music, no surfing the net, no reading, nothing.  Just you and your thoughts.
  • Stick to a schedule of waking up at 4.30 am to meditate.  Meals are fixed, basic and interspersed.  There are different sessions throughout the day.
  • Stay at the centre for the duration of the program.

How this helps:

Many people come back with a different perspective of themselves and how they relate to the world.  Some changes experienced by participants are listed below.


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  1. You slow down:  When you put down all the gadgets, you become very aware of the present moment.  Paying attention to things like the clouds, the breeze and the grass help to open your heart.
  2. You eat better:  When was the last time you paid attention to what you ate? Mindful eating helps you to enjoy your food and also lose weight.
  3. Boredom disappears:  If you are like everyone else who doesn’t have time to pay attention to your surroundings, Vipassana teaches you to focus on the present.  Many have been able to overcome addictions.
  4. Tough situations become easy:  One of the first things you notice is physical discomfort from staying still.  This helps you learn how to overcome discomfort and respond to uncomfortable situations.
  5. Sorrow becomes acceptable:  During this time, you will experience every emotion.  Just like physical pain and discomfort, you learn to observe and learn that emotional pain is temporary.
  6. You find true bliss:  As with every high or low, even a state of bliss has to be observed neutrally.  Enjoy it while it lasts.
  7. Surroundings start to matter: People are more connected to the earth than they realise.  Look around and appreciate the clouds, the rain, the trees – appreciate the planet.
  8. Forgive and forget:  You will also learn how to forgive yourself and others. You will learn how to offer loving kindness to every living thing including those who have hurt you.
  9. You accept yourself:  Just like everyone else, you will learn that you have no control over how your life will be.  Forgiving yourself for “making bad choices” is important.
  10.  Feel unburdened:  If you talk to other participants, you will hear them say that they felt a tremendous sense of freedom.  Learning to tame one’s mind is very important.  Many leave the retreat knowing that they are their own masters.

Vipassana meditation offers each participant something unique.  Be brave and do it, even if it is hard.  The practice will change your life radically.  You may even want to do another retreat to learn more about yourself.  There are many centres that offer these courses free of charge.  Check out which ones are closest to you.

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