10 Warning Signs That Identify Teen Depression Every Parent Must Be Aware Of.

10 Warning Signs That Identify Teen Depression Every Parent Must Be Aware Of.

Though teens are generally a moody bunch owing to changing hormones, some behaviours can be symptoms of something larger; clinical depression.

We all remember our teenage years; young, carefree, confusing and exciting. It’s the age when hormones kick in, voices crack and bodies evolve. While it’s common for teenagers to go from happy to sad in under a second, it’s also not uncommon for them to suffer from serious depression. If you spot any of these 10 depression symptoms in your child for 2 weeks or more, don’t take it lightly.

1. A display of irritable, sad, empty or cranky behaviour combined with the lethal belief that life is meaningless and pointless.

2. A great degree of loss of interest in sports or activities that he/she used to enjoy. An unconscious withdrawal from friends and family along with troubled relationships.

3. Changes in appetite leading to significant weight gain or loss.

4. Excessive late-nights leading to too much or too little sleep. Also, if your child has trouble waking up in the morning and is often late for school.

5. Keep an eye out for physical agitation or sluggishness. Restlessness leading to your child pacing back and forth.

6. Loss of energy, social withdrawal and increased levels of boredom.


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7. If you find your child continuously making self-critical comments then you may have a serious problem on your hands. Also, behaviour problems at school and/or home combined with over sensitivity to rejection.

8. Poor performance in school apparent by a drop in grades or frequent absences.

9. Frequent complaints of headaches, stomach pain and frequent visits to the school nurse signalling a cry for attention.

10. Affinity for death, giving away his/her favourite belongings and comments like “You’re better off without me.”

Teenagers are complicated because they are going through a complicated transition in their lives. These signs could be just normal teenage mood swings or symptoms of depression; it’s really tough to tell. Which is why teenage depression must be diagnosed by a certified mental health professional, namely, a child psychologist or psychiatrist. If you spot any of these symptoms of depression in your child, first off don’t play the blame game and secondly, don’t hesitate to take the right course of action.

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