10 Pregnancy Myths Busted!

10 Pregnancy Myths Busted!

Like most things, everything about pregnancy is also surrounded and steeped in myths, some harmless, some taken quite seriously. It’s time someone busted them.

They say pregnancy is special and fulfilling. There goes the first pregnancy myth. Most pregnant women talk about being tired, cranky and feeling bloated and for all nine months. While we wouldn’t want to frighten you, this too shall pass and there is definite joy in nurturing a life within you.

Here are a few pregnancy myths that have no place in the real world.

Pregnancy Myth 1: The shape and size of the belly indicates the gender of the baby - FALSE

If this was the case, there would be no excited anticipation. The only way to know the gender is through sonography (illegal to disclose that way in India) and through the birth of the child. Learn how to confirm pregnancy without a kit.

Pregnancy Myth 2: Heartburn means a baby with a full mop of hair - FALSE

Heartburn is a common pregnancy condition. This is caused by reflux oesophagitis, which brings food particles back up the food pipe. The accompanying acid causes the heartburn. Many women who deliver babies with hair have had no heartburn complaints.

Pregnancy Myth 3: Pregnant women must eat for two! - FALSE

It’s tough enough losing weight post pregnancy. Would you really want to add to it? If anything, you might notice that you want to eat a little more than usual. But do not use the pregnancy as an excuse to binge. Read 6 food haves & have-nots during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Myth 4: Drinking ghee in the last two months means an easy delivery.  –FALSE

Really? The fat from the ghee will only line your stomach and all other organs. It will not help the baby slide out any easier. Avoid fatty foods during pregnancy to lose weight faster later.

Pregnancy Myth 5: Sex during pregnancy is harmful for the baby. - FALSE

Only if the doctor advises against it, there is no need to give up sex. The foetus is well-protected by the amniotic sac, strong uterine muscles as well as a thick mucus plug.


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Pregnancy Myth 6: Do not expose yourself during an eclipse else your baby will be born with a deformity. - FALSE

An eclipse is a natural phenomenon and has no effect on the baby. Having said that, do not look at the eclipse directly with your naked eyes.

Pregnancy Myth 7: Avoid exposing yourself to the X-ray. - FALSE

The amount of radiation the foetus is exposed to is very minimal. However, avoid unnecessary exposure during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Myth 8: Eating white foods will result in a fair-skinned baby. – FALSE

Then everybody would consume milk, curds and white bread. The complexion of the baby is determined by genes, and genes only.

Pregnancy Myth 9: Delivery is hereditary. If your mother had an easy delivery, so will you. - FALSE

Delivery has nothing to with heredity. It depends entirely on the number of prior deliveries, the position of the baby and the mother’s pelvic bone structure.

Pregnancy Myth 10: You can predict the sex of the baby by holding a string with a ring over the belly. If it moves straight, it’s a boy. If it moves in a circle, it’s a girl. - FALSE

If there was one myth that was truly hilarious, it is this. The thread and ring can as much tell about the gender as the shape and size of the stomach can.

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