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10 Minute Morning energy boosters

Five quick ways to give yourself an oomph from breakfast to bed time!

Five speedy kickstarts

1. Morning exercise

If you can, stretch out, do a short series of deep breathing exercises and then start the day either with a fast walk round the block or exercise at home by briskly climbing up and down the stairs a few times to energise your body and get it pumping while the rest of the house wakes up.

2. Have lunch

Skipping lunch means you’ll be tempted to reach for a sugary snack for a quick fix that, after the initial hit, will actually cause an energy dip. Soup is a great lunch as it makes you feel fuller for longer (thanks to how your body processes it). Avoid carbs until evening; have a protein-filled lunch for long lasting energy.

3. Freshen your face

Use cucumber wipes or a facial spritz to freshen your face, or if you have a few minutes, nip to the loo and completely remove and re-do your make-up. It’ll leave you feeling completely invigorated!


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4. Graze on healthy snacks

If you’re having your evening meal later, refuel at 5pm with energy boosting foods- have an apple as they are packed with nutrients, or try these snack suggestions.

5. Take a power shower

If you’re going out in the evening, make the most of your shower time by turning the temperature down for the last couple of minutes for an instant boost.

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