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10 Great Mood-Enhancing Aromas

You can source wonderful aromas in the most down to earth everyday products you use around your home, otherwise essential oils and candles can easily be found in your local supermarket or health food shop.

Ten great feelgood scents – try different aromas for different moods.

1. Feel chilled out: Magnolia
Valued for its healing properties in Chinese medicine and is treasured as a scent that relieves anxiety.

2. Feel better all month round: Lavender
Well known for having several health-giving properties and is great for those times of the month when you feel crampy and low because of your period.

3. Feel uplifted: Bergamot  
A wonderful booster when you are feeling unwell.

4. Feel sexy: Ylang Ylang 
Similar to jasmine, the luxuriousness of the ylang ylang scent adds to its daringly sexy appeal.

5. Feel less stressed: Patchouli
As a massage oil it’s a great stress buster with an aroma that’s great for turning the mood sensual.

6. Feel ready for bed: Petitgrain
Wonderful for encouraging relaxation when you’re having trouble sleeping.


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7. Feel confident: Lime oil
As an ingredient in a massage blend has a fabulous detoxifying effect on the body while the aroma of lime leaves you feeling invigorated.

8. Feel calm: Vanilla
Great for relieving tension and soothing headaches.

9. Feel pretty: Fuchsia
The delicate, pretty flower of the fuchsia plant is enhanced by the subtle sensuality of the flower’s scent.

10. Feel refreshed: Orchid
Fresh and lightly fragrant, it can make you feel revived, confident and ready for anything.

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