10 Books To Read To Make Your Pregnancy Easy

10 Books To Read To Make Your Pregnancy Easy

Everybody you meet talks about good books to read during pregnancy and reading to your baby. Several pregnancy books have been written. So how do you pick what to read? What if you miss a must-have pregnancy guide if you’re busy reading something else?

Here’s our recommended list of top 10 books to read during pregnancy. There are a range of emotions you can pick from - informative, hilarious, warm. Just like the ones you will experience during your pregnancy.

1. What To Expect When You’re Expecting: Heidi Murkoff & Sharon Mazel

A favourite with first-time mums, most women consider this the first book to purchase when you realise you’re pregnant. It will tell you everything you want to know about pregnancy, week-by-week, in a simple and friendly manner. The book talks about the routine as well as likely complications, but its honesty is what makes this a must-have.

2. I Am Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot. – Lalita Iyer

If you’re looking for an honest, practical, witty and, at times, sarcastic take on pregnancy, this will tell you exactly how the situation around you will change when you tell the world about your pregnancy. The author uses her own experiences to highlight problems and practical solutions to them.

3. Pregnancy: What The Indian Woman Always Wanted To Ask But Was Afraid – Nutan Pandit

This deals with labour pain, something most women look at with trepidation and instead of referring to labour as pain, explains the reasons and need for it. Tips to deal with the discomforts of labour, diet, exercise and other important aspects of pregnancy are also covered here.

4. Garbhasanskar In Pregnancy – Dr Vikram Shah and Geetanjali Shah

The book details Garbhasanskar, the Indian tradition of connecting with the unborn child while still in the womb and also covers diet plans, pregnancy precautions, as well as correct breathing practises during pregnancy and labour.

5. Passport To A Healthy Pregnancy – Dr Gita Arjun

Learn about all the issues of pregnancy, step-by-step, from its progression to dealing with its symptoms and demands, to diet, exercises and labour. Mothers-to-be will find chapters on baby care helpful. You can also read about 8 ways to make life comfortable during pregnancy if you are a working woman.


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6. Belly Laughs – The Naked Truth About Pregnancy And Childbirth - Jenny McCarthy

Need humour to carry you through the nine months? This is the book for you. The book candidly talks about constipation and barfing (yes, there’s a chapter called Barf-O-Rama), mood swings, haemorrhoids, etc. Whether you’re worried about your glam quotient, or are just a regular woman, this book will make you realise that pregnancy is a great equaliser.

7. Be Prepared – A Practical Handbook For New Dads - Gary Greenberg

Why should dads miss all the fun? Written by a man, for men, no other book does such a fabulous job of breaking down impending fatherhood. Whether it is advice and tips on how to treat their partner’s Postpartum Depression, or tips on feeding and bathing the baby, this book will ensure no father-to-be feels left out of the picture.

8. Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer - Tracy Hogg

Your baby is crying. What is it trying to tell you? When you’re at your wit’s end, this book will come to your help. The book begins with helping you know the basic personality of your baby. Is s/he an angel baby, textbook baby or grumpy baby? Once you master the E.A.S.Y. technique (Eat. Activity. Sleep. You.), life will actually become easy.

9. Happiest Baby On The Block – Dr Harvey Karp

Using the five ‘S’ – Swaddle, Side/ Stomach / Shushing/ Swinging / Sucking – recreate the protective womb-like environment for your baby, thus soothing him and stopping hours of crying.

10. Pregnancy Cookbook – Tarla Dalal

Learn how to cook tasty and healthy meals when you’re pregnant. This book takes pregnancy recipes a step further by offering recipes for planning a baby too. If you’re looking for healthy eating during your pregnancy, this book deserves a spot in your kitchen.

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