10 Easy Ways to Keep Diseases at Bay this Monsoon

Monsoon, while a really great time of year, is also rife with infection and bacteria. Which is why, you need to take extra care to ensure that you enjoy the monsoon, not suffer because of it.

Everything from food to water can lead to serious health problems in the Monsoons. Communicable diseases like malaria, flu, cold, diarrhoea, food and water infections and typhoid are rampant.

However, a few precautionary tips can keep you and your family healthy and safe.

Top 10 Tips To Avoid Communicable Diseases During The Rainy Season

1.  Vitamins: Boost your Vitamin C intake, either as a supplement or in a natural state. Doing so will greatly help increase your immunity to colds and flus.

2. Cut the coffee: Don’t OD on coffee, however tempting the weather is to indulge in it. Coffee tends to reduce the fluid count in your body, which leads to dehydration.

3. Shower if soaked: When you get back indoors after getting wet in the rain, don’t just lounge around or start watching your favourite show on television. As a rule first and foremost, go straight for a shower to wash off all the bacteria from your body.

4. Stay away from street food: As tempting and delicious as Mumbai’s street food is, it must be avoided at all costs during the rainy season. Why? Well, hygienic conditions go for a toss in the rains and food becomes a hotbed for bacteria. And then your body becomes a hotbed for infection.

5. Drink more water: Increase your fluid intake to avoid dehydration but also don’t drink water that’s not bottled. Unless you don’t mind typhoid, that is.

6. Keep it hot: Hot tea, soup and milk help your body fight infections caused by sudden temperature changes. So, if you must, these are the beverages you can indulge in.

7. Mosquito-proof: Mosquitos carry a lot of disease causing bacteria and monsoon is their favourite season. Which is why, you should mosquito-proof your home or use repellent creams on a regular basis during the wet spell.

8. Switch off the AC:  Never enter an air conditioned room just after getting wet in the rains. You’re asking for trouble in the form of colds, coughs and fevers if you do!

9. Wash before you eat: Fruits and veggies should be washed thoroughly and stored in a dry place during the monsoons. Whilst washing leafy vegetables, take extra care to separate each leaf and wash thoroughly. Else, you risk getting diarrhoea or food-poisoning.

10. Sanitize: Last but not the least, insist that your children use a sanitizer every time they get back home from playing in the rain. The effectiveness of this simple precaution cannot be stressed enough.

If you check each of these precautions from the list, rest assured, the monsoons cannot do anything to you, except get you wet!

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