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About us be your most unstoppable self At P&G we are consistently innovating across all areas in order to deliver superior product propositions to our consumers to fulfill her needs. Whisper has always pioneered change, especially when it comes to talking about periods and sanitary napkins openly. This has been true right from our launch in 1989, when we were not only the first brand to openly show a Sanitary Pad in a television advertisement, but also the first to mention “periods” in an advertisement.
Being Girl

We were also the first to address the widely prevalent period taboos existing in our country, through our Glass Lion winning campaign Whisper ‘Touch the Pickle’. Whisper has championed the cause of the right of women to be aware of an essential product like sanitary napkins across touch points including media and even at the store (where sanitary napkins used to be hidden at the back of the store).

Product research and constant innovation are the hallmarks of our success and we have continued to invest a large amount of resources to ensure that we provide the most superior products to meet our consumer needs. At Whisper, we have never stopped innovating right from the year we launched till date. What stands testament to our commitment towards growing the category in India is that in 1990, a year after we launched, the sanitary pad market was just about INR 30 Crore while today it stands at INR 3400 Crore. We have achieved this stellar growth by improving our products, providing better and longer lasting protection, better comfort, thinner, longer and wider pads with better absorption.

Some examples of our thriving innovation pipeline from India are:

  1. We were the first to introduce Wings in Sanitary Pads to prevent Side Staining
  2. We were the first to launch thin, gel based Ultra Sanitary Pads with remarkably better absorption
  3. In fact, recently this year we launched Whisper Ultra Soft which has brought about a significant improvement in softness, while continuing to provide long lasting protection

In the last 20 years, our products have enabled women and girls across India to be unstoppable even when they are on their period. This is owing to the fact that our pads last longer, provide better absorption, better comfort, no staining and no leakage; sometimes helping them to even forget that they are on their period.

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