Right Way to Condition: Condition-Wash-Condition Method

Your hair is constantly exposed to harsh conditions that lead to dryness and damage. For that reason, conditioning your hair regularly, correctly, and with the right product is crucial to securing a shine that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Tired of all the fuss the process comes with? With Pantene’s state-of-the-art Hair Fall Control Conditioner, nourishing your hair will no longer be a hassle. In fact, you can and will want to use our moisturizing and rejuvenating solution each time after you shampoo and, depending on your hair type, even on the off days!

Are you ready to make your bestie “hate” your locks? Discover the right way to condition your hair together with Pantene to achieve enviable hair you’ve always dreamt of.

1.Start with a Good Rinse

Luke warm water should be applied before shampooing your hair to allow the hair cuticles to open up. As they open, it makes it easier for shampoo to eliminate trapped dirt. Warm water also makes your hair more prone to absorbing nutrients from the conditioner

2.Apply Trustworthy Conditioner

Your hair is a part of you that needs constant nourishment. With Pantene, you can make sure that it is the part that makes you a better person.

Pantene Hair Fall Control Conditioner, rated as the world’s number 1 conditioner by millions of women because of its pro-v formula designed to deliver high-quality hair nutrients, moisturize the hair, guarantees to reduce your hair fall up to 98% in just 14 days! We claim it because we promise to deliver lesser hairfall with every wash.
Don’t believe us, try it yourself!

3.Lather Up with a Good Shampoo and Rinse

Once your hair is wet, Pantene Hair Fall Control Shampoo can be added to remove dirt and excess oil. To prevent your ends from drying up, focus on shampooing the hair around their roots rather than the ends. What’s more? Its goodness of oils and pro-v formula will keep those scary broken hair strands, that clog your washroom and bathroom floor, away. Thus, hairfall no more a nightmare!

Only use as much shampoo as needed (normally a coin-sized amount) and rinse thoroughly, yet gently, before proceeding to the next step.

Now that you’ve learnt how to master the perfect messy bun, it’s time to go out there and rock it!

Hair Care Tip 101: Condition Again

Thanks to its innovative Pro-Vitamin Formula, the conditioner brings out your inner shine like no other. Apply a quarter-sized amount of the solution and spread it across your palms. Run the conditioner through your hair evenly while avoiding the scalp. Allow it to set before rinsing it with cold water. And those hair strands that used to get stuck in your palm while washing are nowhere to be seen anymore! And that’s how you break the “Hair Fall”!

4.Spoil Your Hair

Your hair is continuously exposed to unwanted settings, it craves care and devotion. While most conditioners alone aren’t enough to achieve desired results, Pantene’s revolutionary goodness of oils found in its hair fall control conditioner takes your hair health a step further and shields it from damage and provides reduction in hairfall.
Because, you must style it to flaunt it! So, iron or curl, do whatever it takes to get that gorgeous #GoodHairDay on Instagram. Pantene will do the job of keeping damage, breakage and hair fall at bay!

5.Create a Routine

Persistence is the key to success. Since you know your hair best, come up with a hair conditioning routine that will secure your long-term hair health and attract the looks of any passersby. Following a simple routine like the CWC is an ideal way to ensure the nourishment of your hair and keep it free of hair fall.

Final Words

Allow yourself to shine by getting in control of your hair. From washing to rejuvenating, there are many factors to consider when it comes to establishing a prosperous hair conditioning routine. Choosing the right product matters too. Say goodbye to conventional solutions, get yourself long- term protection from hairfall and breakage and bring out the best in you with Pantene. You deserve it because you matter.