Turn up your hair game with oil replacement!

Millions are making the switch from serum to oil replacement. Here’s why!

Mama always said “Don’t forget to oil your hair”, and we’re beginning to think she’s always right! But who has the time to sit for traditional oiling routine every day, right? And, even though we have hair fall or weak hair, we can’t just stop blow-drying, pressing or styling, right? We got to look our best each day. Well, brace yourselves ladies, because we have the solution to your hair damage problems and more!

Introducing Pantene Oil Replacement that combines the goodness of oils and Pro-vitamin formula with this simple leave in conditioner, especially after your bathing rituals. We’ve found the Oil Replacement to work best in this fashion. Moreover, who else would promise to be your one stop solution for hair worries.

Bring out a check list, shall we?
Styling essential – Check!
Detangle expert- Check!
No Styling damage- Check!
Protection against Hair Fall- Major Check!

So, let’s look at some of the ways apart from protection against hair fall for which Pantene Oil Replacement is any day a better choice over serum!

1.For better nourishment:

Sure, everyone wants better looking hair, but hair that looks good and is better nourished? Ka-ching! While serum works to smoothen your hair, Pantene Oil Replacement does that and infuses your hair with the nourishing power of oils that strengthen your hair from the roots to the tips, thanks to Pantene Pro-V science. This no rinse conditioner delivers strength to your hair against breakage and hairfall, while making them soft, shiny and smooth. Win-win, huh?

2.Fragrance that lasts long:

Love that mesmerizing fragrance that serum leaves in your hair after a shower? Well, unfortunately, that only last for up to two hours. With Pantene Oil Re-placement, however, the strong fragrance stays in your hair for up to four hours and even smells more pleasant! Nicer fragrance, more hair points!

3.Long lasting & better effectiveness:

Everyone hates tangled hair! Detangled hair not only looks better, but also has less chance of breakage.
While serum can keep your hair detangled for a span of 3 hours or less, Pantene Oil Replacement keeps hair tangle-free and nice looking for up to eight hours! Because Pantene Oil Replacement is packed with the goodness of Pro-V formula, its effectiveness outlasts that of serum and keep your hair looking top notch through the day. Get ready for un-ending hairfall free days!

4.Styling Damage? No more!

When you apply Pantene Oil Replacement to the length of your hair, its gel network works to easily detangle hair and reduce friction. What’s more? Tangled hair is the primary reason for hair breakage, so by keeping your hair detangled and frictionless for longer, this anti frizz serum , the Pantene Oil Replacement works to reduce breakage and prevent hair-fallSo, comb it away with no fear of broken strands scaring you. The goodness of oils in oil replacement is your ultimate weapon for fighting the hairfall blues. Phew. Hair crisis averted!

So many benefits and so little a hassle, sounds unreal? Not anymore! Get out there are don’t be afraid to replace your serum with the well-rounded advantage of Oil Replacement with Pantene.

We promise, you won't be disappointed!