Style your hair and protect it too with Pantene Oil Replacement

Locks that turn heads wherever you go can be murder on your hair. While beachy waves, luscious curls and stylishly straight hair does give your overall look the required oomph, the heat from the stylish tools can damage your strands, making them frizzy, prone to breakage and worst of all, limp. But does that mean saying goodbye to the flat iron? Certainly not! All your hair needs is proper care before styling to protect it from damage and breakage, and to give it a healthy shine that takes your hairdo to the next level. That's where Pantene Oil Replacement comes in.

1.)The Pro-vitamin formula fights against damage & hair fall, so keep the styles coming!

The revolutionary Pantene Oil Replacement combines the nourishing power of oils with Pantene Pro-V formula to give you the Power of Oils without the hassle of oil. A rich, nourishing formula in the form of a leave in conditioner, it is just the thing your hair needs to take it from vapid to va va voom! And the best part? It makes your hair 2X stronger so you can style your hair the way you want to without waking up to a pillowcase scattered with broken hair! Do I hear Goodbye hairfall?

2.No more battles with the hairbrush!

Find your hair roller, brush or straightener with broken hair strands stuck to it always while styling? Well, not anymore! Infused with Pro V formula and rich moisturization of nourishing oils, Pantene Oil Replacement transforms your locks from dry and tangled to smooth and silky, reducing friction, the main cause of breakage related hairfall. With this anti frizz serum, now your hair are perfect for that ironed look you've always wanted to sport!

3.Goodbye Pillow Stains!

Unlike conventional oils that overburden your hair, leaving it greasy and sticky, Pantene Oil Replacement is light and non-greasy so you can apply it without worrying about staining your favorite clothes or pillows. And it's not just any conditioner either! Its gel network does not require water to be effective, like regular conditioners, which means that you can use it on dry and wet hair equally. Just rub a walnut size portion between your palms, smooth it out on your hair and you're good to go! No tangles, no knots, no breakage, just smooth and silky strong hair that's ready to be styled into your hairstyle du jour!

4.Dryness, frizz? What’s That!

Free yourself from the shackles of dryness and damage and give yourself the freedom to style it as you please without a worry in the world with Pantene Oil Replacement. Let your drink have the frizz pop and not your hair! Get rid of bad hair days with your everyday style essential which you can carry anywhere on the go. Just one addition to the handbag and hairfall and breakage are a thing of the past! Hurray!

Trust us, Your hair will thank you for it!