Startup Faq


What is P&G Startup Challenge? P&G Startup Challenge is an initiative of P&G India to empower innovations & startups via a couple of business challenges across multiple sectors. Our objective is to identify startups that have the potential to solve those challenges through innovative solutions.

What is the current state of FMCG distribution model in India (Problem 1 context)? Presently, there are several layers between FMCG and the end consumer. FMCG depots send products to distributor main warehouse which in turn send them out to the different distributor branches (e.g. district level). These branches then interface with wholesaler or sub-distributor (rural areas) or directly with retailers, but many of the last tier retailers get a supply of products from the wholesaler/sub-distributor only. (retail universe: ~10 Mil stores)

There are several challenges in the process –
• Dependency on seller (quality of seller, frequency, out of stock)
• Credit and outlay available with retailer
• Creating retailer pull for products
We’re looking for solutions that can increase penetration for FMCG products by impacting one or more of the above parameters.

What are the challenges in the shopping experience of the users (Problem 2 context)? Since online and offline marketing and fulfilment creates multiple media touchpoints for consumers, it becomes necessary to marry data and go to market strategy to win with consumer
For example, consumer goes to a shop and sees a product → catches a post on social media → watches an ad on TV → sees a promotion in the newspaper → buys a product offline → gets an sms to connect with loyalty programs.
There are multiple benefits of both worlds – For example, the online world offers superior assortment, ratings & convenience while the offline world offers better discoverability and the experience of touch and feel. The proposed solution needs to use sustainable data and go to market strategy across online and offline environments to create a seamless shopping experience for FMCG products.

Are there any pre-requisites for applying? Your startup must have a Minimum Viable Product and if selected, should be willing to work with P&G to execute the proposed solution.

How can I apply for the challenge & is there any application fee? Startups can apply online here. There are no application fees.

How do I know my startup is shortlisted? All shortlisted teams will receive an email communicating their selection for next round.

When will the list of winner(s) be announced? Post the completion of final presentation on November 22nd, the selected startups will be announced.

Will there be any equity component or grant involved? We do not take any equity or give cash grants. Depending on the solution and its feasibility, we will support the startup to pilot and scale the selected solution.

Does my business need to be a B2C or B2B business? Either is good.

How can I reach out to P&G Startup Challenge team? You can connect with us at - or +91 96501 52207