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Empowering Marginalized Girls Through Quality Education KGBV Intervention in Ajmer district

With the objective of addressing the low female literacy rate in Rajasthan and to highlight the importance of girls education,Save the children with the support from P&G ‘Shiksha’ started an intervention in 6 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya’s (KGBV)in Ajmer district.

During the successful implementation of the project activities considerable changes in the academic environment of KGBVs have been made. Establishment of library and development of their own newsletter “Batcheet” has made good impact in the learning of girls. Similarly strengthening of girls’ forum ‘Meena Manch’ has helped in decentralised democratic functioning of KGBVs.

During the visit to KGBVs many girls shared their success stories. Some of these success stories are articulated below:

Anjali Chouhan, 8th Standard - KGBV Kiraap
Summary: Anjali’s father passed away when she was very young, while her mother struggled to get her an education, her relatives wanted her to work at home or be married. Her mother’s strong will prevailed and she was sent to a school. The distance of the school from her home made it difficult for her to continue her schooling, this is where Shiksha supported KGBV school came to her rescue. Due to the safety and security the school offers her mother decided to shift her there, and today she lives in KGBV Kiraap and is able to continue her studies, thus fulfilling her father’s last wish.
anjali chouhan Anjali Chouhan

My Dreams

Story:: I have been a part of KGBV Kiraap for 4 months now. I love it here. Every month didi’s and sir’s from Sandhaan come and teach us a lot of new things. I came here to study but, I learnt to play games, parlour work, stitching, drawing, acting, dancing etc.

I did not know that I would be having so much fun in KGBV. I thought it would be all studies and nothing else. People from Sandhan came and gave us drawing books and colours. These were my personal and I was very excited. I love to draw and I love to write. I have drawn many things and they have been published in the school newsletter ‘Baatcheet”. I have also written many articles for that newsletter. People from Sandhan always encourage us to write new things, make stories and I have a lot of fun doing that. We even make a daily wall newsletter in our school and I play an active role in making that. They told me that I can be anything I want to be so I will follow my dreams and become a doctor.

My father passed away when I was very young. My mother had to struggle very hard to educate me. All the relatives in my family told my mother that there is no point in sending me to school, instead I should stay at home and help my mother in the house. They even tried to get me married. But my mother was strong and she sent me to school against everyone’s wishes. However as I grew up the school where I wanted to go for 6th standard was very far away and it was unsafe for me to go there so soon I had to stop going to school. This year, I joined KGBV Kiraap. Now I live in the school and thus I can continue my education and I don’t have to feel scared. My mother knew that I wanted to study so she trusted me and sent me to KGBV.

My parents always believed that education is very important. I am very grateful to my mother for sending me here. If I had not come here then most probably I would have had to discontinue my education. If I had not come to KGBV, I would have been like most of the girls in my village who leave school after 4th or 5th standard. Here I am learning things I could have never imagined. Now I cannot even think what my life would have been had I not come to this school.

My parents trusted me and now I have to fulfil their trust by doing very well at school. My father had this dream that I would study well and become a doctor. It is up to me to fulfil my father’s dream now. I believe that KGBV will help me realize this dream. Today my father is not with me but my father’s dream is my dream. I will work very hard and I will make my parents proud of me.

Kiran Rawat, 8th Standard - KGBV Srinagar
Summary: Kiran faced discrimination in her family, where her mother cared more for her bother than her and her sister. She felt that in her village boys were loved more than girls. She was made to work at home even when she fell ill. In her village, only boys were sent to study and the families didn’t send girls to school as they were scared about the safety. In KGBV, Kiran feels safer as she is treated as equal with the rest of the girls. KGBV has given her the opportunity to express herself through Meena Manch and also brought to the fore her hidden potential, thus boosting her confidence. Today, she is trying to get her sister enrolled in the same school.
kiran rawat Kiran Rawat

I Feel Important in this School

Story:: I have been in this KGBV for the past two and a half years. It’s been great experience. When I came here initially, I could barely speak to anyone. I was so scared. Back in my house my parents used to always ask me to keep quiet and not talk too much. I was used to that behaviour.

Here in KGBV I was made a part of the Meena Manch group. I was really surprised. I even tried to refuse as I did not think I could be a member of such an important forum and work with the girls. But didi from Sandhan told me that I could do anything that I want to so I agreed. Today I am an active member of the Meena Manch and all the younger girls look up to me. I have even been made head of the library. I take care of all the wonderful new books that were given to us. I even advise younger students on which book they should read first and how they will progress. I feel important and confident about myself now.

In KGBV Meena Manch, we discuss many things. The things that has touched me the most is the issue of female infanticide. After coming to KGBV I came to know that in so many cases a girl child is killed while still in the mother womb and many are killed just after they are born. This really horrified me and then I realised that this may be happening in my village as well. I am really shocked that people can do this to their own children. It bothers me a lot that the community thinks that boys are better than girls. Everywhere I see around me, I see that boys are given so much more importance than girls.

I face this discrimination in my own family. I my house my mother cares more for my bother than my sister and me. He is given sweets, chocolates and good food while we have to eat the regular food in the house. My brother gets so many gifts from my parents and other relatives and we get nothing. My mother even loves him more than us. If we are ill, we are still asked to help in the house and work, but my brother even when he is not ill is not asked to do anything in the house. I get very angry at this behaviour. In fact my brother is good for nothing and my sister and I help my mom with all the work yet she loves my brother more. It saddens me a lot.

In my village, only boys are sent to study. The families don’t send the girls as they are scared about the safety. But I think I am much safer in school than I was at home. In KGBV I feel safe and o know no will can hurt me here. Here there is no discrimination, it’s an all girls schools and all girls are treated as equals. Before I came here I was always discriminated against because of my brother but here I feel safe and confident. Everyone appreciate what I do here. It’s a feeling I have never known and I Love it. I am every thankful to my uncle who sent me to this school. My sister was not so fortunate as she did not go to school.

I tell my mother that she is wasting her time giving so much attention to my brother. In fact my brother goes to a private school with a lot of fees and still he does not study. I keep telling my mother that, “ look he does not even study, he will not be able to become anything in life, he will leave you all and never support you, but my sister and me will be with you lifelong and take care of you and father. So you should invest in us not him.”

Pinky Regar, 8th Standard - KGBV Kiraap
Summary: KGBV (Shiksha) School is located very close to Pinky’s village which has no schools and Pinky lost all hope of enrolling back in any Government school, this Shiksha School located in a village closer to her residence helped her re-live her dream of studying and has given her confidence and firm ground to ensure that she never leaves her education half-way.
Pinky Regar Pinky Regar

This School is my Family

Story:: I have been lucky to be a part of KGBV Kiraap school for 2 years. There was a time in my life when I felt that I would never be a part of a school again and now not only am I a part of an amazing school but I play a very active role in it. The biggest sense of pride that I had is when a small poem I had written got printed on the first page of our school newsletter “Baatcheet”.

The poem was about “My school” and how much I love my school and the life here. I had written this poem because a didi from Sandhan told me to write something. That was my first year in this school and I was very scared to write something. I did not think that I could write anything worthwhile. But didi told me that I could write anything; anything that came to my mind, So I wrote this poem but I did not think that it was very good. But when the “Baatcheet” newsletter got printed, I was so amazed. My poem was on the first page! And some of my classmates even read it out in class. I was really happy. I could barely believe it. Now I write articles and poems in everyedition of “Baatcheet”. I even play a lead role in preparing the Daily Wallpaper in my school every day. I am also an active member of the Meena Manch activities in my school.

Today I am a part of this school and I am getting to do so much. Just a year back I was certain that I would never go back to school again. I used to study in a Government school near Ajmer. I studied there till the 6th standard. Unfortunately my father decided to go away to Mumbai for work and he took all of us with him. I had to leave the school and shifted to Mumbai. For one year I stayed in Mumbai and of course my studies were stopped. I could not continue school in Mumbai, I had to stay at home and help my mother with the housework. After a few months I fell ill. I was very unhappy in Mumbai. I missed my school, the classes, my friends; I did not want to stay there. From then onwards I was ill most of the time I was in Mumbai.

Eventually the business for which my father had shifted to Mumbai did not work out. My father failed in the business and with almost no money left we were forced to shift back to Ajmer. In Ajmer we could not continue with our old lifestyle as my father had almost lost all his money in Mumbai. I tried to go back to my old school but my mother told me that I needed to stay home and help her in the house so I would not go. My brother used to go to school and us three sisters had to stay back and help my mother.

In Ajmer one day, my father had a very bad fight with someone and as a result of that we had to move out of Ajmer. We had to shift to a far away village and with that all hopes of enrolling back in any Government school was out of question. In the area where my parents now live, there is no school.

One day my uncle took me to a nearby village where they were hosting this camp for girls who had never gone to school. There they told us about the KGBV school in Kiraap which was closest to my village. I got very excited. Together with my uncle we managed to convince my parents to let me go.

I am really grateful for this opportunity. As per my age, I took admission in the 7th standard of KGBV. It took me some time to catch up as I had been away from school for 2 years. But now I feel like I never left school. It is like one big family, My family. After finishing 8th standard in KGBV I have decided to go to Ajmer to study further and I know that nothing will come in the way of my education anymore!

Maina Rawat, 8th Standard - KGBV Srinagar
Summary: KGBV is not just a school for Maina but is also a pillar of strength for her. Through Meena Manch, Maina got an opportunity to express herself, she realised that she was not alone in this fight, there are others like her and her mentors have full faith in her ability. This Meena Manch session proved to be liberating experience for her, where she felt cared and loved.
Maina Rawat Maina Rawat

I Want to Fulfill my Wish

Story:: I came here to KGBV to get a chance to study do that I can help my sister and my mother. I wanted to become capable of taking care of my mother. Initially when I came here I was very quiet and shy. But after coming here I was fast made a part of the Meena Manch Session. Soon I had to start participating in it.

It took me a few days to understand how the Meena Manch functions. One day I was asked to speak out at the Meena Manch session. I did not know what to say. But then the teachers, the didi’s from Sandhan and my other fellow students asked me to say something. They asked me to say whatever came to my mind. I was still shy. Then a didi from Sandhan told me that, this was my family. This school was my own and anything I share here will be kept here and everyone will support me and help me.

I could not control myself. I started crying a lot. I shared my feelings with them. I live in a family with 6 sisters, one brother and my mother. My brother is very mean to us. He has taken total control of the house since my father passed away. He kicked my mother, sisters and me out of the house. We had to take a small house on rent. My older sister used to travel far to Ajmer to work and earn Rs 200 a day. We used to manage with only that much. Slowly my mother got my sisters married off.

I was the only amongst the family who wanted to study. My sisters used to collect Rs 50 month to send me to school. But that could not continue for long. My brother found out that I was going to school and he used to come to our house and took all the money away. I had no money for school anymore.

Then I found out about the KGBV school in Srinagar. I went to my old school to get a Transfer Certificate but my brother stopped me form even doing that. He said I would have to stop my education. He beat me up. When my mother tried to save me he beat up my mother as well. I could not get my TC and my school admission got delayed. I had to drop one year of school.

Finally my mother and sisters helped me and I was able to get my TC. I enrolled in the KGBV school. I am so happy that I am able to come to school again. I wanted to leave my family problem aside and get a chance to get an education. I want be become capable so that I can take care of my mother. Sometimes I feel like I may not be able to succeed and take care of my family. I feel scared that I will let them down. I am their only hope. My mother is old now and I need to take care of her. She is very ill now and I need to get money to get her surgery done.

I shared this story in my Meena Manch and everyone was so sympathetic towards me. They told me to not worry. The teachers also comforted me and gave me a lot of encouragement and words of wisdom. I felt so good. I felt like this was a huge part of my life. This Meena Manch session was a very liberating experience for me. I felt so good and refreshed. I feel like I am not alone. Everyone in this school also cares for me. With this kind of support I am sure I will be able to be successful.

Hiramati, 6th Standard - KGBV Ranchi
Summary: Hiramati’s dream came true when Save the Children education programme started where she lived. She was identified as out of school children and considering her vulnerability criteria, Save the Children advocated with the KGBV, Mandar a project of SHIKSHA to enroll her in the residential education. Today Hiramati says-“it’s a different world for me, I had never thought of going school with a uniform, living with 100 other girls in a residential school, using computers and have enough food without any hard work. Hiramati also helped introduce spoken English as a skill development subject to students of std VI.
Hiramati Hiramati

Changing lives

Story:: At the Age of 12 when Hiramati should have been in school, she was working hard to make sure her employer’s child went to school on time. Hiramati was trafficked when she was 12 years old to work as a housemaid in Delhi. She worked for 10 months as a housemaid and remembers that it was the worst phase of her life.

Her day would start at 5.30 am, to cook breakfast for her employer's children, then accompanying them with their school bags and water bottle to nearest bus stop. After that she would clean utensils, sweep floors, cook food, wash clothes. She would work till she went to bed at 11 pm. All she could do was see her employer’s children read and play but she never had any opportunity to do so herself.

Hiramati is a courageous girl and one final day she decided to escape the exploitative situation and she reached her home with the support of the Delhi police. She also wanted to go to school. Hiramati’s father had died when she was 3 years old and her mother used to work as a labourer and had no idea, how to fulfill her child’s wishes since neither did she know which school to send her nor did she have the money. Hiramati’s dream came true when Save the Children education programme started where she lived. She was identified as out of school children and considering her vulnerability criteria, Save the Children advocated with the KGBV, Mandar a project of SHIKSHA to enroll her in the residential education.

Today Hiramati says-“it’s a different world for me, I had never thought of going school with a uniform, living with 100 other girls in a residential school, using computers and have enough food without any hard work

Hiramati Kumari is now studying in class six of KGBV Mandar, Ranchi. Hiramati liked the school environment very much because she did not have to toil hard for feeding herself. The only responsibility she has is to study. Hiramati took active interest in education and in all activities of KGBV School. In KGBV-Mandar, computer classes were also re-opened few months ago, Hiramati took keen interest in all the activities of school. She was very interested in learning computer which she had seen in her employer's house. She took great interest in learning computer, especially paint brush application. Along with this she is now an active member of Bal Sansad and takes active part in decision making. During one of the meetings of Bal Sansad, the subject for Skill development was discussed, it was opined by the house that Spoken English would be good choice for skill development. But, teachers and other were concerned about suitability of the course for students of Standard six. Hirmati at once got up and wrote her name on the Black board and said "If I can write and read Basic English language then spoken English classes wouldn't be difficult for students of Std Six." This helped the Bal Sansad to decide upon the subject of skill initiative and now Spoken English is being taught at the six KGBV schools.

Gangotri Lohra, 6th standard - KGBV Chanho
Summary: Gangotri was a trafficking victim who was placed in the Shelter Home of Mandar. During this time the enrollment drive was being taken up in different parts of Chanho and Mandar block through the programmatic intervention of "Empowering Marginalized Girls through Quality Education" supported by Shiksha initiative of Proctor & Gamble. The project team visited the shelter home and identified Gangotri as one of the potential candidates who could be enrolled in KGBV.
Gangotri Lohra Gangotri Lohra

Mujhe school bahut achha lagta hai

Story:: Gangotri Lohra is the eldest of daughter of her parents. Gangotri's father was mentally ill and due to this illness was not doing any work. Gangotri's mother had moved out of the family and was staying with her maternal uncle in Gumla. Her youngest brother and sister have gone with her mother to stay at her maternal uncle's place and she and her another brother stayed back along with her father. The poor socio-economic condition of her family had completely broken down her family.

She does not have fond memories of her stay in her house with her father. She said that getting two square meals used to be difficult for her and her family. These harsh conditions had forced her to trade off her study and take up work to maintain herself. In 2010 she had come for the first time to work in Ranchi as a maid servant at the age of 11 years. She stayed here for 4 months and due to ill treatment at the hands of her employer left the work and went back to her village.

Back at home the condition was the same and the toil to earn two square meal again began for her. These hard conditions made her fall easy victim of allurement from a local agent who sent her to Delhi with the promise of providing her education and good facilities at work place. But, on the contrary when she was placed with a doctor couple she was beaten up for her petty mistakes and on one occasion she was locked up for several days with no provision of food. On this occasion she raised an alarm with her neighbors for help. The police was called in and she was traced back to Ranchi. In Ranchi she was placed in Shelter Home of Mandar.

During this time the enrollment drive was being taken up in different parts of Chanho and Mandar block through the programmatic intervention of "Empowering Marginalized Girls through Quality Education" supported by Siksha initiative of Proctor & Gamble. The project team visited the shelter home and identified Gangotri as one of the potential candidates who could be enrolled in KGBV.

The project team took up the case with Child Welfare Committee, which then assessed the vulnerability of Gangotri's family and sent its recommendation to Secretary Women and Child Development. The project team perused the matter with the secretary several time and their perseverance paid and the Secretary provided directives to State Project Director -Sarva Siksha Abhiyan to induct Gangotri in the KGBV School.

In April 2012 Gangotri was admitted in KGBV- Chanho. Today, she is studying in class six, she is one of the most obedient student and is loved by her teacher. When she was asked about her feeling about the school she said" I like my school very much, I have good teachers, I have many friend with whom I can share my happiness and sorrow, I am learning many new thing being at KGBV school and lastly I am happy that I do not have to think about earning my meals anymore."

This was just the beginning; soon other girls like Hiramati, Suman, Sunita, Guria who were traffick victims were enrolled with other KGBV schools in other parts of Jharkhand through the project initiative. This one move has paved the way of other traffick victims to be in the safety net of KGBV School.