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Benefits of oil replacement

So here are 5 reasons why you need to make Pantene Oil Replacement a part of your haircare essentials:

2X Stronger Hair than oil, Hassle-Free:

Pantene Oil Replacement’s nourishing oil with Pro-Vitamin formula gives you 2X stronger hair than oil. All of this, without the hassle of oily hair or sticky fingers.


Oil makes your hair sticky and leaves stains behind. The ‘Gel Network’ present in Pantene Oil Replacement formulae helps to provide ‘Even Distribution’ across the hair fiber. So, forget about leaving stains, leave a mark.

Easy to apply:

The New Pantene Oil Replacement is very easy to apply. Its two-step process ensures easy and quick application. All you need to do is take a walnut size portion and rub it between your palms and apply it along the lengths of your hair

Smells amazing:

Remember how your hair would smell after oiling and not let you step out? Well you can forget about that now. The New Pantene Oil Replacement leaves your hair smelling amazing!

Beauty kit essential On-the-Go:

The New Pantene Oil Replacement can be applied on the go. You can apply it on wet hair as well as dry hair. Apply Pantene Oil Replacement, style your hair and you’re good to go, hence making it an essential in every beauty kit.