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Pantene Oil Replacement

Vogue Slick and Smooth

It took a lot for me to break my cardinal care rule for my long, coloured tresses- that of using a deep conditioning mask after a wash - so I could put this cream to test. I massaged the light formula onto my damp hair, let it air dry, and went about my daily routine. While the leave-in did tame the freshly formed frizz (that usually stands up when hair transitions from wet to dry) and my tresses lovingly soaked up the blend. I felt the need for another walnut-sized amount after a few hours. For a multi-purpose cream that moisturises without a greasy residue, protects from heat and controls frizz. It dosen't disappoint.

"Frizzy hair is something I am overfamiliar with, which is why I am always on the lookout for a product that would miraculously tame my Lion King tresses. Seeing the hype around the new Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement. I decided to test the waters (in this case, oils). It comes in a glossy squeeze tube & sinks right in your hair on application and does not leave any sticky mess either. The no-rinse formula shields hair from environmental and heat damage, which in my opinion, is a big win. My curly hair felt smoother & the sweet scent had my hair smelling really good. Although, I do recommend it be used on fully dried hair after a wash for best results. As per the claim of reducing hair fall, only time can tell. " - Bahaar Peshawaria, digital graphic designer -

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Elle 3 brand new treatmentsto try for healthier hair Your basics get a cool upgrade

Are life-crippling frizz, greasy roots and broken strands raining over your hair parade? There's a whole new list of treatments to restore your hair back to its prime condition this festive season. We're talking a speedy hair spa that customizes a mask just for you, a non-sticky replacement to oil and an uber cool new ingredient to make friends with. Go on now, give these a shot:

You won't be fretting the next time your mother asks you to oil your hair. True to its name, Pantene's newest launch gives you all the benefits of oil, minus the troublesome stickiness. Work a pea-sized amount of the cream into dry hair at the mid-lengths and ends to tame frizz and leave hair shiny.

3 brand new treatmentsto try for healthier hair

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Think of this as a smoothening cream that can calm the most frenzied frizz. It works just as hard as your hair oil to reduce hair fall and nourish your strands

The Super-Substitute

If your hair's fried and you can't stand another person telling you to oil it. Pantene's got your back. The all-new Oil Replacement packs in Pro-V and the goodness of (multiple) oils in a rich, creamy formula that can be applied to both damp and dry hair. The leave-in formula nourishes hair and restores its moisture balance, and protects it from damage caused by heating tools.

Cosmopolitan Editor - Nandini Bhalla

#TrueStory #Pantene Oil Replacement which made my hair very, very silky. @pantene @pantene_india

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Imagine the best of three products in one! The New Pantene Oil Replacement offers you the nourishment of a hair oil, the strength from a conditioner and frizz free serum. This multitasking product is a genie in a bottle and combines the power of oils with the breakthrough Pantene Pro-V science to treat hair. And it's Pee Cee approved! @priyankachopra @pantene@pantene_india #hairoil #strength#nourishment


Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement claims it can acomplish what your weekend hair-oiling routine does, in just three minutes. It has a creamy texture that coats the strands without making them sticky or greasy. The formula is designed to make your hair thicker and stronger. All you have to do is rub a walnut-sized amount between the palms of your hands, distribute it evenly through the lenghts of your damp or dry hair, avoiding the roots, and you are good to go.

Grazia Pantene Pro V Oil Replacement ₹ 85

" I can't be bothered with oiling my hair- that's too much commitment. This works like a hair mask and is super hydrating."

Shradha Sardana,

Photo Researcher & Writer

(New Media)

Easy Hair

Can we get a special 'woot woot' for easy hair please? Also did you know heat styling is worse for your hair than colour treatments! Ouch. But rejoice - easy hair is all about applying beautifully formulated gels and creams and embracing your natural curls, waves, and baby hairs.


If you’re a girl on the go with a longing desire to sport a silky mane, Pantene Oil Replacement is for you. To bring lifeless tresses back to life, oiling has always been an indispensable regime and in most cases irreplaceable. But the long gruelling hours it takes to keep the oil on and avoid stickiness, results in us neglecting our hair altogether. With nourishing oils and Pro-Vitamins and half as much fuss and grease, you don’t have to second guess your hair care choice anymore.


Now, this cream contains oil and it provides that deep nourishment to hair and leaves hair soft, silky and smooth. It actually gives an instant softness to hair without making it oily. This is good for damaged hair too. It repairs that dry rough texture of hair and gives a nice shiny finish to it

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Pantene Oil Replacement , INR 150/-

Solving all your oiling troubles. Pantene's Oil Replacement's creamy texture leaves hair feeling smoother, softer, silkier and more nourished.

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The sticky process of oiling and then leaving it on overnight is not for everyone. Not all of us have the time to get rid of those oil marks on our pillow. We agree that our mothers warned us about this day when we were busy avoiding her advice but looks like there’s no escape, or maybe there is.

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