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The Science behind the new Pantene Oil Replacement – Pro-Vitamin formula and goodness of oils.

How does the new Pantene Oil Replacement give you 2X stronger hair than oil?

Here’s how, it contains Pro-Vitamin formula and conditioning ingredients to protect hair from damage and give it a healthy shine and silky smoothness. It is a cream and has rich moisturizing and nourishing ingredients making medium to thick hair stronger, without risking overloading hair.

  • Pantene Oil Replacement smoothens the rough surface of dry, damaged hair leaving it lively and smooth.

  • It also prevents breakage and detangles hair making each strand of hair 2X stronger than oil

Each ingredient in the formula plays a vital role in strengthening hair without the stickiness of oil:

  • The Gel Network present in Pantene Oil Replacement formulations help to provide Even Distribution across the hair fibre

  • The conditioning agents target areas of damage and repairs your hair inside-out for visibly healthier and smoother hair.

So, whether you want to style your hair or brush it you need not worry, because Pantene Oil Replacement’s Pro-Vitamin formula, rich, oil-in cream formula has got you covered.