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When it comes to haircare, I'm always switching between products to try and get the perfect fit for my 'look' of the moment. Be it an untamed style or a blow dry feel, I keep playing a trial and error game with my array of products. But that tends to get tiring and I've been on the lookout for one reliable shampoo that not only makes my hair look amazing, but more importantly, makes it stronger and healthier on the inside and thats precisely what I stumbled upon after using Pantene's #BestEver range for two weeks.

Whats different from every other new range of shampoos? The best ever Pantene range is equipped with the revolutionary Pro-V formula technology which restores hair strength and shine from within. The formula with Keratin Damage Blockers and Histidine, goes deep inside the hair shaft – to the cellular level – to work on your hair with an all-rounded approach.

The texture of my hair is naturally straight, soft and super-silky. It tends to get oily easily and I need a hair-wash almost every other day. But when I tried the Total Damage Care shampoo & conditioner, my hair immediately felt super bouncy and thicker than before. When I repeatedly used it for two weeks (thrice a week), I felt my hair become drastically healthier and shinier. I usually don't use conditioner because I prefer a 'big hair' look and conditioner tends to weigh my hair down but when I used the Pantene one, I immediately felt a positive difference and my ends were a lot smoother and better to look at! After my shampoo-conditioner routine, I had my hair out-curled and you can see the aftermath above - I was super happy with the results!

Have you tried this range yet? If you have, let me know your thoughts below and if you haven't, I think you've got to buy it asap and do your hair a favor :)