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Old Spice - For when the king of the jungle gets out of the jungle

Old Spice Musk Deodorant

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Old Spice Story

- The story of Old Spice reads like the story of a man who travelled the world before it was discovered and invented languages while he was at it. For decades boys and men
have used the Old Spice products to discover their masculinity within.

- No matter who you are, you can be MANTASTIC with Old Spice. Cause the great scents of Old Spice brings out the masculinity inside you for the world to see and smell.

Product Description:

- Old Spice brings you a broad line of cosmetics for men who live a dynamic and unconventional life. Distinctively masculine scent that invigorates and refreshes. The Scent of Experience.

- Old Spice Deodorant Spray envelops you in a clean, manly scent that has served mankind for decades, turning your armpit house to an armpit home.

Product Features:

Try on some scent of musk... like the roar of a lion! Puts you in command. The King of the jungle.

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Old Spice Musk Deodorant



it best in India after save.i prefer and suggest all of you

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