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Whisper Ultra Clean XL+ Wings sanitary napkins

Whisper Ultra Clean XL+ Wings

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Whisper Ultra Clean XL+ Wings

Whisper Ultra Clean Wings is nearly 40% longer than an ordinary pad and gives you long lasting protection.

• nearly 40% longer* helps provide more coverage 
• 5X more absorbency# 
• Lock core helps absorb fluid and locks it in gel form for long lasting protection
• Dri-Weave™ Cover provides soft, dry protection.

Use Whisper Ultra Clean XL Wings for days when your period flow is heavy.

*vs. an ordinary pad
#vs. Indian average load per pad

Also available in a pack of 30 pads

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Whisper Ultra Clean XL+ Wings


great friend

i choose this product,durning those days i sleep comfortably because of this product. Its really a great product

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