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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I register on Here is the link to the Registration Page REGISTRATION PAGE LINK. After you complete the mandatory fields a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone. Please verify your mobile number by entering the verification code in the space provided in the registration form.

    I do not have a mobile can I still register? Sorry. You need a mobile number to register as the verification SMS will be sent to your mobile number.

    I have not received my verification code, what do I do? Please SMS REWARDME to 9223347100 and we will resend the verification code to your mobile number. Your verification code is valid only for 24 hours. In case you fail to use the verification code within 24 hours, you will have to register again. Please note that you only have three chances to enter your verification correctly, if you fail to do so you will be able to register for a new verification code after 24 hours.

    I've lost my password - how do I find it again? It's very simple: you just have to click 'log in' - visible on the navigation/browsing bar throughout the site. Then, click on the link 'Password forgotten' and type in your email address. Your password will then be immediately sent to you by email.

    Where will the samples be couriered? The samples will be couriered to the most updated address that you have entered in your profile.

    When will I receive the samples I have requested for? The samples will be dispatched to you within 8 weeks of the date of request.

    What if I do not get my samples within 8 weeks’ time? In case you don’t receive your samples in 8 weeks, you can write to us at and we will try and resolve your complaint at the earliest. Please remember to mention your Order ID when you write to us.

    How many samples can I request for? A registered member can request for only one sample per product. However, you need to pick a minimum of three different samples to order at any given time.

    How do I update my personal information ? Whether you're moving house or if you have just changed your email address, you can continue to benefit from all the advantages of the program by updating your details in the 'My Account' section under 'My Personal Data'.

    How to unsubscribe from Reward Me? Log into 'My Account' section, and choose 'My Personal Data'. The 'Cancel Your Registration' link can be found at the bottom of the page.

    Once the process is completed, you will no longer be a Reward Me member and therefore will no longer be able to take advantage of the exclusive benefits.