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The basics of shaving & beard styles

Now that you’ve decided that you want to be one of the cool guys and try your hand at an eye-catching beard style or irresistible body look – how do you get things started? Before getting down to the details of cool beard and body styles, let’s start with a rundown of a few hairy basics.

International stylist Fabio Vivan is an inside expert in the world of trendy beard styling and has beefed up everyone from Kasabian to the Rolling Stones. To let you in on his hottest styling secrets, we asked him to share some of his coolest beard styling tips with us.


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Let‘s start with a rundown of a few hairy basics

shaving and beard styles
Wet or dry?

Both have their benefits. Wet shaving is said to be more thorough and refreshing, while dry shaving is quicker and better for sensitive skin. However, state-of-the-art dry shavers like the cruZer line have been designed especially to offer a super close shave for head-turning beard styles.

shaving and beard styles
First-time user?

If you are new to shaving or switching to an electric shaver, give your face 2-3 weeks to adjust. Don’t switch back and forth between blade and electric shaving during that period if you can avoid it. Simply let your skin get “used to” the electric shaver and it’s bound to work out as a great shaving technique for you! 

shaving and beard styles
How about ingrown hairs?

Hairs remaining underneath the surface and growing inwards are often a problem when wet shaving. However, if you use state-of-the-art dry shavers like the Braun cruZer line, ingrown hairs are much less frequent, no matter if you shave your beard style with or against the direction of hair growth. Read our article on how to prevent ingrown hairs for more details.

shaving and beard styles
How to prevent razor burn and irritation

Start off by using a good scrub to prepare your skin for the shaving process. Before dry shaving let the skin dry properly to ensure better results. It’s also a good idea to use one of the many sensitive Gillette pre- and after-shave products. However, the easiest way to avoid irritations is to keep a three-day beard style and trim it every few days.

shaving and beard styles
Can’t grow much of a beard?

If you‘ve got some light growth, a messier, patchy beard style can still look really cool – just make sure you keep it all symmetrical, using your face‘s natural lines as a template, and trim it every few days. If you find yourself asking - which beard style suits me, click here.

shaving and beard styles
Aftershave, yes or no?

However you like. Aftershave helps soothe your skin and keep your pores clean, which can help prevent acne. Read a step by step tutorial on how to shave for acne prone skin. What’s more, it will make your skin look polished and leave you smelling lovely. However, sometimes the wrong product can cause skin irritation so rather go for a gentle aftershave that will leave your skin moisturized and protected rather than irritated and dry! Read more about the benefits of aftershave.

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