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Smart tips for a more stylish you

Small, smart savvy changes that refresh your look but still feel natural and comfortable

Giving yourself a style-check takes just a little time and effort but can make a huge difference to your confidence. Try sticking to these simple style rules:

When your white shirts are in the wash…
Keep a three-button, long sleeve black jersey top as a standby. It still looks great with a suit.

Staying stylish, tie-free…
You can still make a good impression in a suit if you choose a shirt that works without a tie. Pick a subtly patterned fabric as plain white and blue shirts look more conspicuous when a tie is missing.

Suit your accessories…
A designer watch will match formal or business clothes, but when you’re in training gear dress everything else down, too.


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Casual work days…
If your workplace has ‘dress-down’ days but you still have meetings to manage, add a favourite sports or cord jacket.

When wearing a suit…
Fastening one button on your jacket will look smart without appearing uncomfortably formal.

For your feet…
Choose leather oxford-style or slip-on loafer shoes which will work well with a suit or with jeans on dress-down days rather than trainers. For winter, plain black leather ankle boots will do the same job and still look great.

Savvy tip – stylish lounge wear At home on lazy days… Keep a funky pair of PJ bottoms and a clean, fairly new plain black or blue T-shirt for lounging around in rather than staying in the pyjamas you wear in bed!

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