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Shaving With Sensitive Skin

If you experience razor burn or nicks and cuts when shaving, take a look below at how you can help manage your sensitive skin and start enjoying a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Properly prepare your skin: 
Use a wash or scrub to remove oil, dirt and dead skin cells that can block your razor’s path and prevent a smooth glide. At the same time, hydrate in warm water for at least three minutes to soften your facial hair and make it easier to cut.

Start with the right tools: 
Use a non-drying shave gel to help your razor glide more smoothly and reduce tugging of the hair. Also, use an advanced multi-blade razor like the Mach3 Turbo that has blades spaced closer together, which will help reduce pressure, for more comfort and less irritation.

Check your blade: 
Dull blades can lead to nicks and irritation. Change your blade when you experience tugging or discomfort. Or try a razor that features an indicator strip, which will fade to white when you may be no longer getting an optimal shave.

Use good technique: 
Shave with light, gentle strokes—your razor should do the work, not you. Start shaving with the grain. Then, if necessary, go against the grain for an even closer shave.


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Save the best for last: 
Shaving your upper lip and around your mouth at the end of your shave will give the shave gel more time to soak in, further softening your facial hair and making it less of an effort to cut. Also, a single blade is really useful for the tricky places, like under your nose.

Rinse your blade frequently: 
Doing so throughout your shave prevents build-up on the blade edges and cartridge, and will result in better glide and more comfort. Additionally, if you use a battery-powered razor, the vibration will help with the rinsing.

Protect your face and neck: 
After shaving, rinse with cool water and pat dry. Then use a hydrating after shave to cool, refresh and moisturise your skin. 

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Nothing takes the sexy out of a clean shave like irritated red skin. If we use a blunt blade for shaving, we will be more proving to razor burns. To avoid this, use a Gillette razor with a sharp blade and soften our skin just before shaving

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