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Shaving a coarse or tough beard

Tips to shave a coarse or tough beard with ease.

A coarse or tough beard could put up quite a fight when it comes to shaving. If not dealt with correctly, it could cause you great discomfort while shaving. Here are a few tips and tricks to tackle that coarse or tough beard.  The right technique will lead to a smooth, hassle free shave. The following are a few tips that should aid in a comfortable shave -

Clean up before a shave:

Use a face wash or scrub to wash away facial debris, oil, dirt and dead skin cells that make your beard more rugged than usual. A rugged beard can go on to block your razor’s path, leading to a nick or cut in the process. It is advised that you hydrate your beard with warm water to soften it; this will make it an easier shave. Hydrating can reduce the force required to cut beard hair by up to 70%!

Choose a shaving gel that is best for tough beards:

Use shaving gel products that are specially formulated for tough beards.


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Use an advanced razor:

Use an advanced multi-blade shaving system that has blades that are closer together to help reduce pressure, and provide more comfort and less irritation.

Make shaving a routine:

The best way to prevent a tough/coarse beard is by keeping it at bay. Prevent a long unruly beard by shaving as often as possible. Having a clean-shaven face can prevent your beard hair from itching as it grows out, as well as reduce skin irritations.

Replace your blade:

The minute you feel a tugging sensation during a shave – check your blade. A tough shave could also mean that your blade has worn out. A worn out blade will give you an uneven shave that will leave with you with skin irritations or bumps. Certain shaving systems feature an indicator strip that changes to white when you may be no longer getting an optimal shave.  Pay attention and make the change at the soonest to continue experiencing a smooth and comfortable shave.

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