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Tips to Prevent Shaving Burns, Razor Bumps or Ingrown Hair

Most common for people with curly hair, razor bumps/ingrown hairs occur when hair strands grow back into the surface of the skin, causing redness, inflammation or bumps that often resemble pimples.

So what's the best way to manage the issue? Here we debunk a popular misconception about razor bumps/ingrown hairs and give you the information you need to help prevent them—the right way.

Misconception about preventing razor bumps/ingrown hairs:

Shaving less often is a good way to prevent razor bumps/ingrown hairs.


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The truth about preventing razor bumps/ingrown hairs:

Daily shaving significantly reduces the occurrence of razor bumps by keeping your whiskers short so they do not have the chance to grow back in to the skin surface.

Steps to avoid Shaving Bumps & Razor Burns:

  1. Make sure your face is well hydrated before shaving.
  2. Use a good quality shaving cream or gel.
  3. Application of the shaving cream with a good shaving brushy is recommended as this helps lubricate the beard hair better.
  4. Make sure that the shaving razor blade is new & sharp. You may also consider changing your razor & choose the one that you feel most comfortable with.
  5. Always use the razor with extreme caution.
  6. Ideally shave "with the grain" (in the direction of beard growth). 
  7. Avoid applying great pressure & use short strokes for shaving your facial hair.
  8. Remember to rinse the razor blades frequently to remove excess shaving cream lather & facial hair that may be lodged between the blades.
  9. Do not shave in the same are repeatedly.
  10. Cleanse & soothe your face with a good after-shave & moisturizer.

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