Old Spice Mantastic New Delhi Launch@ Reward Me

Old Spice Brings The Manly Man Back - New Delhi

India’s Mantastic Man, Milind Soman, unleashes the manly scent of Old Spice deodorants

New Delhi, Tuesday, October 15, 2013:


It’s Trans-Atlantic!

It’s Trans-Continental!

It’s The All New Trans-Amazing!


Ace marathon runner and supermodel, Milind Soman & Bollywood youth icon, Vidyut Jamwal, came together to inspire Delhi-ites, to unleash the manlier version of themselves, as they unveiled Old Spice Deodorants, the quintessential male grooming brand.


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Taking Delhi by storm with his bare-chested look & seated flamboyantly on a glittery glamorous king size throne, India’s original bare-devil-man, Milind Soman, captured the very essence of manhood, as he revealed the Old Spice deodorants range. The irreverent Mantastic video, an ode to that bolder and more masculine self that every man wants to be, was also showcased.

In the Old Spice videos, Milind Soman, India’s Mantastic Man, has donned different avatars of an Indian man across geographies. The first film, a take on the archetypical North Indian man, has already gone viral garnering over 1.7 million views, truly bringing alive the premise that  ‘With Old Spice, you can feel ‘Mantastic’ no matter where you are from in India’.

The excitement soared further when dashing Bollywood heartthrob Vidyut Jamwal joined Milind Soman as they indulged in Mantastic acts. Smelling & looking like they can do absolutely anything on this planet, they arm-wrestled with one hand while effortlessly lifting heavy dumbbells with the other!

An excited Milind Soman exclaimed, Increasingly Indian men are unleashing the masculine self of themselves and their fans and friends love it! Infact, this reflects in today’s society as well with Bollywood icons, Ranveer Singh and sports icon, Shikhar Dhawan perfectly embodying the trend. Young men are now imitating their new icons & graduating from metrosexuals to a new Manly Man era. I am happy to be the face of this irreverent campaign that will change the prevalent mindset & inspire men across the country to take pride in unleashing a manlier version of themselves.”

 “Release The Man, Man! You don’t need to be forced into living the façade of moisturizing creams or the charade of cheesy romance. It is now time for all Indian men to take a cue from the Mantastic campaign and live true to the definition of a real man. After all, that’s what women prefer & look for in their man today.” added Vidyut Jamwal.

Old Spice brings you a cool range of manly scented deodorants with captivating, refreshing, and long lasting scents, all cooked up in the Old Spice scent kitchen! Manly smelling scents such as Original, Fresh Lime, Musk, & Whitewater; each offer a fragrance that you would want to retain throughout the day! The deodorants range not just increases your awesomeness quotient but instills your self-confidence; helps you take charge of the world and up your desirability factor. The new variants are available in leading retail outlets across India; Old Spice deodorant bottle is priced at Rs. 150/- for 150ml.

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