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Popular Actress Charmee Kaur & Leading Dermatologist Dr.Chitra Nayak launch the P.A.S.S. movement in Hyderabad

Women from all walks of life have joined the Protest Against Smelly Stubble and demand that men shave their smelly & unhygienic stubble

  • 91% Female employers agree ‘’Women prefer Clean shaven men’’*
  • 88% of women agree that “Women prefer Clean Shaven men*
  • 76 % of women looking for partners in Hyderabad agree they are more interested in the profile of clean shaven guys**
  • 73% of women think the clean shaven look reflects a handsome man*
  • 72% ‘Air Hostesses agree that a clean shaven man smells good*
  • 69% of Women think unshaven men are Unhygienic.
  • 68% ‘Women in the age group 22-30 agree that clean shaven men smell good**
  • 65% ‘Models agree that shaving makes men look attractive **

Hyderabad, 15th October 2013: Popular film personality Charmee Kaur along with women from all walks of life including female models, fitness trainers have kick started the ‘P.A.S.S - Protest Against Smelly Stubble’ movement in the city. The P.A.S.S movement initiated in Hyderabad aims to travel across the country to tell men that they think stubble is smelly and demand for men to shave everyday. These women strongly believe that men who sport stubble look like they have not had a bath.

Women are being asked to join the ‘Protest Against Smelly Stubble’ movement by following the below mandates if their men didn’t shave.

  1. “We will not get intimate with you if you don’t shave that smelly stubble”
  2. “We will go out alone if you don’t shave as we think no shave means you haven’t had a bath”
  3. ‘’We will appreciate you if you shave that smelly stubble’’

In a bid to support the Protest Against Smelly Stubble movement, Actor Arbaaz Khan, agrees to shave every day.

A renowned dermatologist from Mumbai, Dr. Chitra Nayak, Professor of Dermatology, B.Y.L Nair Hospital said that, “Stubble retains microorganisms and toxins despite washing with soap and water leading to accumulation of sweat that causes the stubble to smell. Stubble is also known to trigger an itch during summers, leading to discomfort and hence it is recommended that men shave every day.”


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Popular Telegu actress Charmee Kaur, strongly agrees with the group’s sentiment emphasizing the importance of being well-groomed, “Grooming includes several things like well-maintained hair, clean nails, smelling good & overall hygiene amongst the rest. But, you have to start somewhere and men can do that with shaving every day to be clean. Most importantly, when a man sports stubble it looks like he has not had a bath. He doesn’t look fresh. If women can spend hours on grooming to look good, we would like men to do the same not just for us but to be more attractive.”

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In acknowledgement, Actor Arbaaz Khan, says, “Yes, I agree with the Protest Against Smelly Stubble. Men should realize that women put so much effort in grooming themselves, as a gesture of return men should also do the bare minimum, stay clean and well groomed. Also Malaika suspects I haven’t taken a bath if I am not clean shaven. Best is to start with shaving every day to be clean and smell good. With a superior & advanced razor, men now have the right tool to shave every day. It is effortless & convenient’’

*Based on Gillette Sensitive Men Survey conducted amongst 1000 respondents in India , ** Based on research conducted by Nielsen in 2013 amongst 820 women respondents in India , Based on Online Survey conducted among over 300 women across India in October 2013.
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About P.A.S.S -

Protest Against Smelly Stubble (P.A.S.S) is a movement that brings together all like-minded women who believe that the time has come for them to take a stand to encourage men to shave everyday, as they think men who sport a stubble look as if they haven’t had a bath. This is the first edition of the movement in the city of Hyderabad, and the movement plans to travel to several parts of the country to highlight women’s preference for clean shaven men and encourage them to shave everyday.

P.A.S.S is a creative representation of the IPSOS survey results which revealed that 80% of women models in the age group of 22-25 agree that Men with a clean shaven face is more hygienic. The founders of this movement are a group of young women who believe that EQUALITY should exist in all walks of life – including SHAVING. The philosophy is straightforward – If women can do it, then so can men…. NO MORE EXCUSES FOR MEN TO SPORT THE SMELLY STUBBLE!!

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