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Gen Next Shaving Razors Launched By Gillette

Bollywood divas Neha Dhupia and Aditi Rao Hydari launched the Fusion Power Phantom and special edition Mach 3 razor and cheered on Sergio Perez as he took on the Gillette shaving challenge, live on stage

New Delhi, 23 Oct, 2013: Young and dashing F1 driver - Sergio Perez, along with Bollywood divas Neha Dhupia and Aditi Rao Hydari celebrated the most revered world class partnership between Gillette and McLaren Mercedes - British Formula One team, with the launch of Gillette’s next gen, superior technology razors:  Gillette Fusion Power Phantom razor and a special, Limited Edition Gillette Mach 3 razor in red colour. At the launch event, the two Bollywood stars shaved and cheered on Sergio Perez, as he took on the Gillette shaving challenge, live on stage.

This exciting partnership reinforces both brands’ shared passion for superior engineering, innovation and technology in their respective fields. Both Gillette and McLaren Mercedes are committed to giving men a winning edge. Together they launched two razors- The advanced Gillette Fusion Power Phantom, a razor with 5 blades on the front and one at the back with a power function which releases soothing micropulses while shaving that ensure you barely feel the blades leading to an effortless shave; and the Limited Edition Gillette Mach 3 razor, in red, the three bladed brand brings the most comfortable and smooth shave.

Expressing extreme joy at the occasion, Sharat Verma, Country Marketing Manager, Gillette India said, “Gillette has a rich heritage of partnering with the best athletes, sports leagues, teams and sporting events worldwide. Yet again, we’re proud to have partnered with another brand familiar to men worldwide:  McLaren Mercedes – one of the most successful teams in Grand Prix racing. This exciting partnership reinforces Gillette and McLaren’s shared passion for superior engineering, precision, and innovation.

He further added, “Over the last 100 years, we have been committed to delivering superior grooming solutions which are state of the art, cutting edge and expertly engineered to make shaving more effortless and convenient for men. In line with the purpose of touching and improving lives of more consumers, we have brought to India, Gillette Fusion Power Phantom. The razor with a power button generates soothing micropulses that reduce friction and increases razor glide, to provide a comfortable shave so advanced, you barely feel the blades, making it great even for men with sensitive skin. Priced at just Rs.349*, Gillette Fusion Power Phantom Razor an unparalleled shaving experience through a next generation shaving technology at an affordable price.”

Commenting on the partnership, F1 Driver, Sergio Perez said, “Being a Formula 1 driver is about precision and control. Combined with the great technology of the car it gives me a winning edge.  This is exactly the reason why I have been using Gillette for the longest time. Gillette’s shaving technology is engineered for the same precision and control, and I know I can count on it for a smooth, comfortable shave – as much as my car and driving, and as fast, every time.”

Aditi Rao Hydari and Neha Dhupia, advocates of the clean-shaven look said, “We are proud to be associated with Gillette. They seem to outdo themselves time and again. We have always felt if a man is clean- shaven, half the job is done as far as grooming is concerned. Shaving is an important aspect for men and we are glad that Gillette has launched the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom range which will give men an extremely effortless shave through a cutting edge technology at an affordable price. With the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom razor, no Indian man, has any excuse left to not shave every day.”


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Gillette Fusion Power Phantom shaving system that combines revolutionary blade technologies to offer the ‘best powered wet shave ever’. Gillette Fusion Power Phantom razor includes a range of features designed to enhance comfort and precision while shaving. These include: 

  • Power shaving system: Gillette Fusion Power Phantom is the first razor to bring advanced electronics to wet shaving to offer the ‘best powered wet shave ever’. It generates micropulses that reduce friction and increase razor glide. The patented on-board micro-chip optimizes the performance of the razor by regulating the voltage and frequency.
  • Ergonomic handle: The Gillette Fusion Power Phantom handle features a sleek design with elastomer placed on both sides to provide a more secure grip and better control
    • Automatic Shut-off turns off the razor after about eight minutes in case of accidental activation
    • Low-Battery Indicator Light illuminates when the AAA battery needs to be changed 
  • An Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip: Gillette Fusion Power Phantom blades feature Gillette’s most advanced blade coating technology infused with Vitamin E, Aloe and natural oils:  fades from blue to white, signaling when optimal shave conditions have been reduced
  • 5 Blade Shaving Surface: The razor features a breakthrough 5 blade Shaving Surface™ technology on the front of the shaving cartridge. The blades are spaced 30 percent* closer together than MACH3 blades. This creates a “Shaving Surface” that distributes the shaving force across the blades for significantly less irritation and more comfort
  • The Precision Trimmer™ blade:  This is a single blade built into the back of the cartridge, allow men to easily trim sideburns, shave under the nose and shape facial hair

The new Flexible Comfort Guard: This feature follows the contours of the face to help the shaving surface comfortably shave closer.

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