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Everybody has different skin and different facial hair, but we all want the same basic things from a good shave.

Everybody has different skin and different facial hair, but we all want the same basic things from a good shave. What works best is hot water, nice thick lather, gentle strokes, let the blade do the work. As you play with these shaving tips and tricks, you will find your own perfect shave.

Step 1: Before you start shaving, get hot water on the beard. You can either do that by hopping in the shower or put a hot towel on your face for 2-3 mins. The longer you soak in the shower, the closer shave you are going to get.

Step 2: Grab a facial scrub and work it over everywhere that you're going to be shaving. This helps in clearing away the dirt, oil and all the dead skin cells. Also, you're softening up the whiskers, making it easier to get a nice close shave.

Step 3: Now it's shaving gel time. Take the shave gel in the hand and create plenty of lather. In slow, circular motion apply it on your face. Let it soak in for a little bit to help soften the whiskers.

Step 4: You don't want to do choppy little strokes, but to do nice, full, smooth strokes across your face. Start with going with the grain on the first pass. If you want a closer shave then you can go opposite the grain in the second pass.

If you don't know which way your hair grows yet, you just have to rub your hand across your whiskers. If you feel resistance from your beard, that's opposite the grain.

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Also, don't forget to rinse the blade frequently. If you don't and it gets hair stuck in it, you're going to miss spots when you go over it. You're going to have to go over again and again.

You can have a small bowl of hot water in your sink. It catches the whiskers, thus preventing clogging of the sink. It also gives some hot water to soak the blade in between strokes.

Step 5: If you like keeping a moustache, you need to give definition to the edges. For this, it is nice to have a razor which has a single razor on the back like the Gillette Fusion Razor Manual. This is very helpful in shaping your facial hair easily.

Step 6: Use a cooling lotion in the end. This helps to help keep the skin moisturized and not get aggravated.

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