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How To Get a Goatee With cruZer Face

Always wanted to know how to get a goatee? With the versatile cruZer face you can shave, style and trim just about any beard style you can think of – all you need is to pick one from the many, many facial styles out there.

An all-time classic that is remarkably easy to achieve with the cruZer face is a trendy goatee. In recent years, this chin-only beard has seen a real comeback, with stars from all kinds of backgrounds sporting a goatee on the red carpets of this world.


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Step 1 @ Reward Me

1. Start by clean-shaving the sides of your face and your neck below the chin. This cleans up your look and lets your goatee stand out without any distracting stubble.

Step 2 @ Reward Me

2. As a next step, start to trim your goatee to whatever length you want – with the cruZer’s adjustable trimming attachment it’s completely up to you! Do this once a week to keep it looking tidy and sexy. If you let your beard grow too long, it tends to look a bit scruffy so don’t get lazy about it.

Step 3 @ Reward Me

3. Third, style the details of your goatee, making sharp corners where the sides of your goatee meet the horizontal line under your chin. This gives your beard a more defined look and lets it stand out even more. And that’s it – an eye-catching goatee in a matter of minutes!

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