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Hair Trends for Him

We scoped out the runways to see what is being worn in men's hairstyles. There is obviously a wide range of styles, each one elegant in its own way, and perfect for starting the year with a new look!

If you're looking for a fashionable style change, one of these cuts will surely hit the right note. Here are the most popular trends for 2013, ideal for men and youngsters. What do you think?

One of the most popular trends is very short hair. It is a clean and very comfortable look that is easy to comb and maintain. It has an elegant, yet modern and chic air. David Beckham, among others, has sported this style.

Apurado en los laterales y más largo en el centro
Short on the sides and longer in the middle

This is the favorite of sharp, practical men, because it requires little care, except for trims to maintain the shape. The key is a very clean, well-defined cut on the sides, and more length (depending on your taste) on the upper part, but still well trimmed. It is very elegant and seductive, and gives more daring guys an option for a slight mohawk.

Media melena con efecto despeinado y volumen controlado

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Medium length, tousled with some volume

This is a and very relaxed, informal, carefree look, that is natural and has a lot of movement. A couple of medium-length layers create volume that allows for a tousled look. It is sexy and very natural – perfect for a youthful look!

Romántico y muy caballero, con fijación.
Romantic and gentlemanly, with mousse.

This is perhaps the most classic look, with a side part. This is the romantic hairstyle worn by masked movie heroes, and of course requires mousse. It is very flattering and gives a man a good appearance in his personal or professional life.

What do you think? In addition to a good cut, which is essential, hair care with a good shampoo makes a difference. We would all like strong hair, and it is very important there not be a single flake of dandruff. At Próxima a ti for men, we always recommend H&S because it is effective and inspires confidence; the fresh feeling it leaves is also incomparable!

There is a variety of antidandruff shampoos for every need: menthol, itchy scalp, thinning hair and For Men.There is something for every guy!

Also, check out 15 essential hair care tips for men to look stylish all year round here at our blog.

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