Before & after shaving tips @ Reward Me

Dry or Tight Skin

Did you know how you prepare for and complete your shave may be playing a big role in why you have dry or tight skin, especially when it’s cold and dry weather? The good news is that you can address the problem with these simple approaches to beginning and ending your shave.

Before you shave:

• Make sure you wash your face and neck with a soap-free wash or scrub. Do not use bar soap—it will dry your skin.
• Use a moisturising, conditioning or soap-free shave gel, which will minimise the drying of your skin that results from shaving.


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After you shave:

• Moisturise your skin right after you shave. Your skin is most receptive to moisture immediately following your shave when the new skin cells are exposed. Ultimately, doing this will relieve the dry or tight feeling you get after you shave.

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