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Bollywood Actor Sonu Sood and Diva Soha Ali Khan urge men of Delhi to be clean shaven, as women think ‘Unshaven is Unbathed’

  • 86 % Women think shaven men smell good*
  • 84% Women think shaven men make a good first impression*
  • 83% Women think men with stubble haven’t taken a bath*
  • 81 % Women are attracted to a shaven man*

Delhi, 19th December 2013: Bollywood superstars Sonu Sood and Soha Ali Khan, came together on a mission to urge men in Delhi to shave every day and to make shaving a part of their daily regime. As Soha expressed her strong belief that “Unshaven is Unbathed”, Sonu supported the charming actress, and vowed to shave every day. Initiated in Chennai, the campaign travelled to Bangalore and is now in Delhi to urge more men to shave every day.

Soha Ali Khan highlighted her preference for shaven men and voiced the opinion of Indian women who think clean shaven men are more attractive. They make a better impression and they also smell good. Talking about routine grooming hygiene, the actress expressed her disapproval about how men who are not shaven do not look appealing to women; rather it looks like they have not had a bath.

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As a manifestation of their strong protest against men with unclean stubble, Soha unveiled the three mandates and vowed to follow them along with other like-minded women if their men didn’t shave:

  • “We will not be your date if you don’t shave”
  • “We will not share our space & things if you don’t shave”
  • “We will go out alone if you don’t shave as we think no shave means you haven’t had a bath”

In agreement to Soha’s sentiment of Indian women who think, “Unshaven is Unbathed”, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, agreed to shave every day.


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Sonu further highlighted Gillette’s new innovation Fusion Power Phantom. Shaving every day has now become easier because of the new Gillette Fusion Power Phantom, which is so smooth that you can barely feel the blades. The razor combines revolutionary blade technologies to offer the smoothest shave making every day shaving an ultimate experience. Not only this; the Gillette Fusion Power Phantom comes at a price of INR 349/- leaving men with no reason to not shave every day.

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Gorgeous actress Soha Ali Khan said, “Grooming includes several things like well-maintained hair, clean nails, smelling good & overall hygiene amongst the rest. But, you have to start somewhere and men can do that with shaving every day to be clean. Most importantly, when a man sports stubble it looks like ‘he has not had a bath’. He doesn’t look fresh. Not just me, but 83% Women think men with stubble haven’t taken a bath*. So men should start paying more attention, and start with shaving every day to be clean. Sometimes I ask guys when they are not shaven if they have had a bath. They don’t look fresh. If women can spend hours on grooming to look good, we would like men to do the same not just for us, but also to be more attractive.”

In acknowledgement, Sonu agreed, Yes, I agree with sentiments of the women who are against unclean stubble. 83% of women in India think men with stubble haven’t taken a bath*, men need to pay more attention and start shaving like they bathe every day. Men should realize that women put in so much effort in grooming themselves. As a gesture of return least that men could do is stay well groomed. Also personally I feel when you are shaven you look fresh just the way you feel after you bathe. With a superior & advanced razor like Gillette Fusion Power Phantom, men now have the right tool to get the smoothest shave every day, where you can barely feel the blades. I am glad Gillette has come up with such an innovative and advanced solution, which will make shaving smooth, easy and convenient.”

*Based on Grazia India reader survey done on 300 respondents all over India. 

“This program is not intended to hurt the sentiments of any particular gender/community.”

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