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Beard styling

Add character to your persona with our tips on styling your beard.

A beard is something that could add character to your persona. You could look more mature, more determined, more adventurous or simply more stylish with just the a few tweaks here and there. The good thing about beards is that you can experiment with new looks without much risk or damage.

Which beard suits me best?

A lot depends on the shape of your face.

  • Round faces look narrower with a beard because it casts a shadow and tends to create a longish appearance.
  • A stubble and hard lines give a baby face more distinction and masculinity.
  • For oval faces you can try a goatee or a soul patch. These miniature bears below the lip accentuate the contour around the chin.

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What about weak beard growth?

Beard styling can look very cool even for those with weaker beard growth. Just make sure you cut it symmetrically. Follow the natural contours of your face and trim every 2 to 3 days, depending on how fast the hairs grow.

Which tools are best for creating a personal beard style?

In the past, men had to use a shaving knife and foam. Now it's a piece of cake with a single shaver. A couple of swift strokes and you're ready!

Should I shave wet or dry?

Both have their merits. But when it comes to styling and trimming your beard, dry is definitely the winner. Wet hairs usually cling to the body and block your view of the areas you want to style. So you're better off styling your beard when it’s dry.

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