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5 Things Every Man Should Know about Scalp and Hair

Dandruff flakes aren’t the only indicators of an unhealthy scalp. Here’s more on scalp health for the men, from the world’s number one anti-dandruff brand head & shoulders.

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The Reality of Gender Differences

To what extent does gender play a part in the onset of dandruff and scalp issues? Not as much as you may think, according to three different aspects.

Skin deep

The physiology of the scalp skin in men and in women reveals relatively small differences. Some men have slightly thicker scalp skins than women, or produce different levels of scalp oils or sebum due to their different hormone levels from women.

Gender wars

Slight differences in men and women’s scalp physiology are not significant enough to impact the onset of dandruff. In fact, the severity of dandruff varies more within each gender than it is from men and women!

Dandruff relief

Men and women with dandruff require the same treatments since no differences have been found in the way men and women respond to dandruff treatment. Taking a closer look at this, head & shoulders scientists analysed a large number of clinical studies but did not find any difference in terms of how men and women responded to treatment methods. Understand the symptoms and learn how to get rid of dandruff effectively.

A Difference of Style

Dandruff is essentially the same for both men and women; it’s caused by a combination of three factors: the presence of the Malassezia globosa fungus, scalp oils or sebum which everyone has, and the individual’s susceptibility to irritation by the Malassezia fungus. What separates men and women are their hair needs and habits:

Getting it short

Majority of men tend to have short hair while women generally tend to wear their hair longer. As long hair is more exposed to damaging factors every day, it gets older and ages more compared to short hair. For men, this means their hair is younger and needs to be cared for differently compared to women who have longer, more damaged hair.

Going big on style

Women are usually more elaborate with their hair compared to men – their hair is coloured more often, heat-styled more, treated with more styling products, brushed and tied up more often. Men on the other hand, expose their shorter hair to less damage and also use different styling products like gels and waxes that cause less damage to the hair fibres.

What men really want

What men want in a haircare product is actually rather similar to what they look for in their tech toys. Just as how they prefer gadgets that are highly complex internally but still easy and intuitive to use on the surface, their ideal hair products are quick, simple to use and deliver a host of benefits.


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Burn Rate

As the skin relies on the air to get rid of moisture, people are very sensitive to humidity1. Cities like those in South and Southeast Asia which are located closer to the equator, near coastal regions, generally have higher humidity2, so people feel stickier and sweatier. Here’s more on what creates that warm, sticky feeling and how you can keep your cool:

Hot air by numbers

The muggy, steam-room feeling you get on hot days depends on more than just the air temperature. If the relative humidity is high, we feel much hotter than the actual temperature because our sweat does not evaporate easily to cool us off1. In humid cities, warm temperatures will feel warmer compared to the same temperatures in an arid, more dry climate2. A relative humidity of about 45 percent is where people tend to feel most comfortable1.

Staying cool

It can be tough to stay – and look – cool when the pressure and heat is on. Choose lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen or silk that are breathable, as they help wick moisture away from the skin so you stay cool and dry. Hair products like head & shoulders Men Cool Blast from the new lineup for men which are formulated with ingredients that give a cooling sensation are also a great way to keep that cool feeling. Menthol delivers a cooling sensation that helps calm the heat on our heads. Actually, 30 percent of body heat is lost via our heads.

Dandruff Treatment Made Specially for Men

With over 50 years of expertise in scalp health, world’s number one anti-dandruff brand head & shoulders is launching a new lineup, engineered with high performance technology that not only helps remove up to 100% dandruff permanently3, but is also tailored to deliver hair benefits and in-shower experience specifically for men, including a long lasting refreshing coolness4. head & shoulders scientist Lais Koelle shares the three key things to know about this innovative range.

Power Up

head & shoulders Men Cool Blast, Hair Retain and All in One are powered by the brand’s highly efficient ZPT (zinc pyrithione) technology. Optimized over the years since its introduction in 1961, head & shoulders’ ZPT active works to reduce more dandruff in one wash5, normalize an irritated scalp and effectively eliminate flakes up to 100%3.

Tailored Technologies

Men’s (shorter) hair requires attention and care as well, which is why head & shoulders’ Men’s range is tailored to deliver hair benefits and in-shower experience specifically for men.

Cool Blast provides a refreshing, clean sensation when men need it most, after a workout or a long and hard day. The formulation is also designed to remove sweat and build up after exercise, and delivers a sporty fresh you can feel instantly.

Hair Retain is formulated with tailored blend of actives that protects hair against breakage that might be caused by dandruff and its symptoms like scratching. Specifically developed for men with thinning hair, the ingredient combination is light as well so it does not weigh down men’s thinner hair.

All in One deeply cleans and gets rid of all the dirt and dust that can accumulate on our hair and scalp. The conditioning ingredient blend also does double duty to improve ease of hair styling and management whilst protecting it from daily damage.

Cool Down

Within the head & shoulders Men innovations, Cool Blast and Hair Retain are formulated with menthol, which delivers a cool, refreshing sensation that helps calm the 30 percent of body heat lost via our heads. The menthol works by associating with specific cold receptors in our skin, TRPM8, telling these receptors to signal a lower temperature to our brains so we experience a much-needed cooling effect.

Smell like a Man

Scents are more than just a way to smell nice; they trigger memories too – that’s what science tells us. That is why for their latest men’s range, head & shoulders teamed up with leading perfumers to ensure amazingly fresh and mood-changing in-shower scent experiences dedicated to men.

Cool Blast features a fragrance named Siberian High, an icy green, watery scent with subtle floral notes. Its top notes are a leafy, fruity blend of bamboo, icy mint leaf, and crisp McIntosh apple. Violet leaf, Amazon lily and tuberose mist in the middle notes give it a fresh, classic body. Powerful woody scents make up the bottom notes, rounding out the fragrance with Texas cedarwood, sheer musk and exotic sandalwood.

Cool Blast features a fragrance named Crispy Flowers, an oriental, citrusy scent with subtle floral notes. Its top notes are a summery blend of Asian pear, apple and plum; jasmine, hyacinth and pepper in the middle notes give it a fresh, classic body. Powerful woody scents make up the bottom notes, rounding out the fragrance with cedarwood, oakmoss and vetyver.

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