3 Different Ways to Style Man Bun Hairstyle

3 Different Man Bun Hairstyle You Must Try

The man bun isn’t a hairstyle that every guy out there can carry off. If you can, wow! Do you know the many different ways in which you can style the man bun?

Hairstyles come and go, pandering to popularity, fun and the retro quotient. Only the resilient ones can break through all barriers of safe and typical, and emerge to stand tall and defiant. Like the man bun hairstyle. Like it or hate it, it’s here to stay.

But what exactly is a man bun?

A man bun is a gathering up of all hair into a bun, usually at the back of the head. It’s as simple as it sounds, and yet there are few techniques to getting the many different types of man bun hairstyles you can sport.

3 Simple Steps To Make Man Bun:

Step 1: Long hair

  • You clearly need long hair for a man bun. Not too much; at least 6 inches long and not more than 16 inches 
  • And lots of patience, especially if you’ve decided to try the hair bun when you currently don’t have the length 
  • Given your current hairstyle and growth of hair, it might take you anything between a few months to a year to grow your hair to bun-able length

Step 2: To grow your hair, cut it

  • Yes, a contradiction to what we’ve just said
  • However, if your hair is currently cut in a particular style, you might want to ask your stylist to give it an even cut so you don’t go through any awkward growing-out phase

Step 3: Making the man bun

  • Now that your hair has grown out to a bun-able length, get hold of hair ties or elastic bands
  • Decide how high or low you want the man bun. Avoid going too high
  • The top of the back of your head is considered to be a good spot
  • Gather up all your hair in a ponytail and pass it through the elastic band
  • Do it again, but instead of going all the way, stop halfway and you’ve got the bun 
  • If you want, you can pass your hair three times and stop midway on the third pass
  • You might need to do this a few times before you get a perfect bun

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Step 4: Taking care of your man bun

  • Like any good hairstyle, the man bun needs regular maintenance too
  • Wash your hair 2-3 times a week to make sure it doesn’t get too greasy
  • Don’t shampoo it every time because the product can strip your hair of natural oils, and if need be, you can use a very mild nourishing shampoo like Head & Shoulders Cool Blast Shampoo for men

3 Different Ways To Style Your Man Bun:

Man Bun Style #1: The Full Man Bun

  • This is the quintessential man bun. All the hair on the head is gathered up into a single bun
  • You need to have at least 10-12 inches of hair so you don’t end up pulling your hair too tight for the style
  • You can pair off the man bun with a beard and carry off the hipster look

Man Bun Style #2: The Semi Man Bun

  • Also known as the ‘top knot’, this style uses only the hair on the top and leaves the sides and back free 
  • This is a smaller bun and can actually be a good style to flaunt when you’re starting out with the man bun and don’t have the bare necessary length

Man Bun Style #3: The Ponybun

  • Some might call the pony bun a faux man bun, but we don’t agree 
  • You do exactly that you would with a man bun, but leave some hair hanging loose like in a ponytail

A man bun is a versatile style and you don’t need to be stuck with the same look all the time. Do something different, grow out your hair, and try the man bun for a new look.

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