What his hair says about him

5 top hairstyles and cuts in 2016

We checked out the runways to find the latest trends in men's hairstyles. Get inspired from their styling tips and tricks, and find a hairstyle that would look good for you

Short and sweet

One of the most popular trends is for very short hair. Clean and comfortable, it’s a look that’s easy to comb and maintain. It has an elegant, yet modern and chic air.

What does the style say about the man: ‘I’m no-nonsense. Yes, I want to look my best but no, I’m not going to use up the whole bottle of your shampoo every time I’m in the shower.’ 

Short sides and longer in the middle

This is a favourite of the sharp, practical man, because it requires little care, except for trims to maintain the shape. It can be a very clean, well-defined cut on the sides, with more length on top. Just how long that middle crop is depends purely on taste, but when it’s just a centimetre or two longer than the sides it can be ruffled slightly for a charmingly roguish look. It can be very elegant and seductive, but outgrown it can look a little too sheep-shearer for anywhere but, well, the ranch. It appeals to men who like to imagine that one day they will be brave enough to go for the full-on Mohawk.

What does the style say about the man: ‘I like an easy life but I don’t want to be predictable – when my spikes are up I’m in a rebellious mood.’ 

Medium length tousled

This is a very relaxed, informal, carefree look – natural, with a lot of movement. A couple of medium-length layers create volume that allows for a rough and curly look. Sexy and youthful.

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What does the style say about the man: ‘I’m pretty fit but this buffed body was made in the rugged outdoors, not a city gym,’ more confidently than a gorgeous mess of hair that’s actually probably taken 30 minutes to get right.’ 

Moussed and side-parted

Romantic and gentlemanly, this is perhaps the most classic look. The slightly fuller cut requires mousse and it’s very flattering for the man who wants to keep his appearance in check at work, rest and play.

What does the style say about the man: ‘I am a man of details.’

Clean shaven, lean looking

The shaved head – whether it’s a ‘number one’ cut or a completely clean all over shave – can work fantastically well with the right shape face, especially for a casual, ‘let’s go!’ summer look. Trim it short with hair clippers first, then finish off that smooth shaved look with Gillette Fusion Proglide shave gel and a razor like the Fusion ProGlide Power.

What does the style say about the man: It says, ‘I know it’s all about the sense of touch.’

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