Top 10 Beard Grooming Tips - Learn To Get and Keep the Perfect Beard

Top 10 Beard Grooming Tips - Learn To Get and Keep the Perfect Beard

Are you tempted to grow a beard but have your reservations on how to get that perfect man look? Here’s a quick guide to the trimming, the cleaning, the maintaining and the growing.

There’s nothing more attractive and rugged than a man who sports an epic beard. And there’s nothing more off-putting than an unkempt and messy mop of hair on the chin.
Beards seem to be the rage nowadays. From everyday people to models to film stars, men appear to prefer keeping a beard than staying clean-shaven or keeping a stubble.
Are you tempted too but fear that it will be too much work? We won’t deny that; beard care isn’t child’s play. You will need to be committed to investing time, effort, energy and, not to forget, also money in getting the lumberjack look.
Here are top 10 tips on beard maintenance. Follow these steps diligently and you can be the proud owner of a classy beard.

Top 10 Tips for Beard Maintenance

#1 Be Patient

Growing a beard takes time. Keep the razor and trimmer away from your face for at least 4-6 weeks. This will give you enough hair to work with and you will be able to style yourself a fancy beard.

#2 Wash your beard regularly

It isn’t enough to just wash your face. You need to take special care of your facial hair. Use a moisturising shampoo to not dry up or harden beard bristles. Wash your beard in the shower at least twice a week.

#3 Oil your beard

Use a special beard oil to make beard hair thick and manageable. Do this after washing your beard to detangle the hair and prevent breakage. Avoid olive oil based oils as these don't get absorbed into skin easily.

#4 Go gentle with the comb

Don't comb your beard right after washing when it is still wet. Apply beard oil and then use a thick-bristled comb to gently detangle the strands.


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#5 Get a regular trim

A beard is hair, and it grows. Trim the beard regularly to maintain its shape and style. We recommend using All Purpose Gillette Styler that trims, shaves and edges to get the perfect beard shape. If you are not confident with beard shaping, we recommend going to a professional barber for beard shaping. Ask the barber for ideas on styles if you want a new look.

#6 Don't feed your beard

Be very careful when eating. Food particles can easily fall and get stuck in your beard. Besides being a huge social embarrassment, it is also unhygienic. Your beard could smell because of stale food. Ugh!

#7 Eat healthy

Healthy hair needs a healthy diet. Make sure you get plenty of protein, fat and vitamins like B3, B5 and B9. This means eating lean meats, eggs, nuts, milk, and green leafy vegetables.

#8 Choose your style carefully

Match your beard style to your face. Some styles look good on some faces, and some don't. Just because you like a look doesn’t mean it’ll suit you. Ask a professional barber for ideas and go with a look that looks natural.

#9 Follow the neckline

Stay as close to the natural neckline when trimming your beard. If you move too away from it your beard will look unnatural and well, funny.

#10 Forgot the moustache, did you?

Your moustache should complement your beard. Trim it too but leave the top part natural. Use a wax to keep it well-sculpted.
Keeping a beard isn’t just about growing facial hair. You need to put in work to get the perfect look. Use our beard grooming tips and you will have women turning their heads.

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