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The hair makes the man

Men and their hair loss: there's an inexhaustible subject. But why do they feel it is so important? What do women think about it? And what can be done to fix it?

The hair makes the man

Hair loss and begining baldness. Although they hate to admit it, this problem worries them! The figures tell the story: a surbey recently revealed that 40% of men would prefer celibacy to baldness and only 20% feel deeply hurt by jokes about being bald.

Gentlemen, stop hiding it!
Why do men find baldness so terrible? Well, they want to look active and dynamic at all cost. And let's acknowledge it: baldness makes some of them look old. Surveys bring good news though, that we should tell them straight away: most women don't find bald men repulsive. But they don't like men who try to camouflage hair loss. So it is better to adopt a natural look than a style with a few strands combed over your scalp. 88% of women prefer a completely bald man.


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The right cut
Gentlemen, trying to hide a bald head by pulling long strands over the top is useless. The longer your hair, the more you accentuate the balding area. So choose short hair. However, you can sometimes conceal balding areas if your hair is still voluminous and abundant. In this case, the stylist can leave slightly longer strands on the front to cover the balding areas. You can also adopt the androgynous look: short back and sides, with a long fringe at the front.

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Good care = half way there
We warned you! Most hair regrowth lotions only act a little, if at all. So what should you do? Chose the right peoducts. They will not slow hair loss, but will contribute at least to keeping your hair looking good and in good health for as long as possible. In addition to hair follicles, the scalp has sebaceous glands, sweat glands and nerve endings. To keep this balanced, a good shampoo is indispensable. Hair loss often comes with irritation and dandruff. These problems can be resolved using a gentle, soothing shampoo, that you rinse off thoroughly to remove all traces of soap. Massaging the scalp to make the shampoo penetrate to the roots will stimulate blood circulation and increase the amount of nutrients that reach the hair follicles. Finally, hair that is well looked after has closed scales. That means the hair gets less dehydrated, resists external attacks better and breaks less easily.

Shampoo to combat hair loss
If you decide to choose head & shoulders shampoos, you can chose from a wide variety suited to everyone's needs, style and hair type. Some shampoos give volume, others softness or shine. The latest new product from the head & shoulders range is a shampoo that slows hair loss by attacking the causes of this problem on two fronts. First, it cares for heair so that they are less brittle. Secondly, it completely resolves dandruff and dryness on the scalp.

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