Shaving Tips for Men

Wondering How to Shave? Gillette can help! Watch this simple video tutorial to get that clean, smooth shave.

It's a new day and now is the perfect time to get ready and start something great. Learn how to shave in just a few simple steps.

Shaving Tips for Men

  1. Begin by hydrating your face with warm water for up to three minutes.
  2. Use a face scrub to wash away the dead skin which will help you avoid nicks and cuts and get a smoother shave.
  3. Apply a non-drying shave gel which helps prevent razor burn. If you have sensitive skin, try letting your shave gel soak in.
  4. Pull your skin taut and start shaving along the grain. Use light gentle strokes without forcing the blade against your face to shave. For optimal results, always use a multi-blade razor. Also, don’t forget to rinse your razor in between strokes.
  5. For a closer shave, try a few strokes against the grain. Also, for precision shaving, use a single-blade razor.
  6. Rinse with cold water to help seal your pores and make your skin feel soft and smooth. Finally apply the aftershave lotion. It soothes your skin and smells great.
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Follow these shaving tips and get a smooth comfortable shave.

Extra Tip - Check the indicator strip. If it is white, consider changing your blade.

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