Master the Crew Cut Hairstyle With 6 Easy Steps

Stepwise Guide To Get Crew Cut Hairstyle At Home

Crew cuts have come a long way since they were first sported by people on rowing teams. The style that fades on the sides and the back while leaving enough hair on the crown, is now worn by men and women, and looks pretty chic. Even better? You can get this look at home.

The crew cut hairstyle have been worn at various times and in various ways (yes, there is more than one way to wear a crew cut) by stars like Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck and Shahid Kapoor. This is a hairstyle with an interesting past. It is believed to have first started with the athletes in rowing teams of Ivy League colleges to keep the hair out of their way while rowing.

Though it is often confused with a buzz cut, crew cuts are not short all over like the buzz cut. Hair tends to be longer on the top with crew cuts and it continues to taper on the sides and the back gradually. If you’ve been eyeing the crew cut for a while, it may be time for you to get ready to snip your hair. It is a really neat look and effortlessly stylish.

To do a DIY crew cut at home, these are the tools that you will need: mirror (fixed and hand-held), and a hair clipper with guards in different sizes or All Purpose Gillette Styler: Trimmer, Shaver & Edger. When you cut close to the scalp, you need to use smaller guards and if you intend to keep hair longer, clipper blades and guards with bigger numbers will be required. 

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How to Get a Crew Cut at Home in 6 Steps

  1. Start by looking through photographs of crew cuts for men. There are different ways to wear a crew cut. Once you decide on the kind of crew cut you would like, you can bring out the hair clipper and guide combs.
  2. Dampen your hair and comb through it.
  3. Begin with a number 2 or 4 and work on the sides and the back of your head using an upward movement. By keeping the skin taut near your ears, you can get a tight taper. Make sure it is uniform. The hand-held mirror will come in handy here.
  4. Halfway to the top, switch to a number 6, and continue clipping to the top of your head using straight lines. Using different guard sizes can help you create the fade. For example, number 12 can be used for the front if you want to keep it longer. The long hair in the front can be worked into a pouf or bangs.
  5. You could use a styling product to finish it off.
  6. Great, now you’re ready to show it off.

The good thing about a crew cut is that it is easy to maintain and never goes out of style. Cutting it at home, and if for the first time, could lead to a few mistakes but nothing that can’t be fixed. A good hair clipper and knowing the look you want to nail will get you half way there.

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