How To Teach Your Son To Shave

How To Teach Your Son To Shave

Your little boy isn’t so little any more. He sounds different, he acts different, and he even looks different. Mostly because of the fuzz that’s starting to grow on his face.

Adolescence is a trying time for the young man. The intricacies of shaving can make this even more stressful. Shaving for the first time can be daunting, exciting and slightly intimidating for him, but as a father, you can make this easier by using it as an opportunity to bond over this very male experience.

While most men take it for granted, teaching your son the right knowledge and method is critical.Here are a few shaving tips for men that you might have forgotten, to help ease your teenage son into this rite of passage.

Take note of his need for shaving

When the smooth cheek that you love patting starts to become fuzzy, or when he starts to sprout long, unsightly facial hair, you know it’s time to get him ready.

Help him select the right razor

Start with what you use. Do not go with the latest trends. If he suffers from adolescence acne, begin with an electric razor. They are usually safer.

He needs to know the importance of prepping his face - before and after

Teach him how to wash his face using hot water and soap. Demonstrate the application of a shaving gel such that the razor glides easier and he won’t suffer from razor burn.

Show and don’t just tell him how to shave


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This is something he can do even as a child, while watching you, before the awkwardness of puberty makes him self-conscious.Everybody has their own shaving techniques, but some things are common. Let him know to shave in the direction of the growth, going from cheek bone towards the jaw bone.

Tell him to make slow, smooth strokes with just the right pressure. It is important to rinse the razor between every two or three strokes. Most importantly, he must always keep the razor perpendicular to the direction of the shave.

The importance of aftershaves

The market has avariety of aftershave gels and moisturisers. Using the right one which suits your skin can leave him feeling relaxed and comfortable post shaving.

Guide him initially, then let him learn on his own

Show him a few times and then let him shave on his own. It’s puberty, he will be touchy. Don’t criticise too much or else he’ll think you don’t believe he can do it. He is likely to cut himself a few times. Don’t be too overprotective; neither be too hard on him for that.

Don't forget the clean-up: the face, the razor and the bathroom counter

Washing the face to clear any leftover gel is important to get the fresh feeling. Rinse the razor thoroughly every time you use it. Wipe down the bathroom counter so mummy doesn’t yell at him. Electric razors indicate when the heads need to be changed. Make sure he understands the instructions clearly.

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