Gel, Foam or Cream: How To Get The Best Shave

Gel, Foam or Cream: How To Get The Best Shave

The market is filled with options for making the task of shaving less unpleasant and actually enjoyable. There are shaving creams, shaving foams and shaving gels to choose from. But how do you know what suits your skin?

Shaving is a stark reality for men. And as much as you’d like to avoid it, you cannot. Maybe your job demands its. Or maybe the wife or girlfriend just doesn’t appreciate being exfoliated every time you come close.

While selecting a shaving product ,remember to keep in mind a few things – thebest shave, the closest shave and the most comfortable shave?

Shaving Foams: Easy to use, but not recommended for dry skin

Shaving foams are inexpensive, convenient and easy to use, especially when on the go.But they are also the ones most likely to dry the face especially as most shaving foams contain a substantiallyhigh amount of alcohol which tends to dry the skin. If you already suffer from a dry skin condition, it is best to avoid foams entirely.

Shaving Gels: Moisturises, but not recommended for oily skin

A shaving gel is one shade better than shaving foam. Unlike the cloudiness of foam, a gel’s transparency lets your eyes follow the path of the razor. That carefully-shaped moustache or goatee doesn’t need to get sacrificed on the altar of the basin. Shaving gels are also ideal for men with sensitive skin. Gels contain less alcohol and have moisturising properties that keep the skin soft and supple.

There is one downside however. Both shaving foam and shaving gelcontain air bubbles that interfere with the body’s ability to upwardly suspend hair. This often creates that ‘burning’ sensation after a shave. Another thing to keep in mind is that gels, due to their heavy moisturising properties, can also clog pores, leading to small bumps on the skin. If you already have oily skin, stay away from shaving gels.


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Shaving Cream: Moisturises and suits all skin types

A shaving cream is the best option. This readymade lubricant has low alcohol content and also contains glycerine which keeps skin soft. Remember to apply it using a brush. It will lather up more easily and get into the deepest recesses of the stubble, making it easier to reach as close to the skin as possible.

Before you run to the store, consider how you apply the product. Also, do you prefer a fresh lingering smell after your shave? Some men have noted that while they didn’t need to worry about moisturising the skin when younger, as they get older, they have felt the need for products that keep the skin soft.

The best way to know is to try small samples of each one and go with what leaves you feeling shaved, clean, not too dry and not too gooey.

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