Everything You Need To Know About Beards, Moustaches & Grooming Facial Hair

5 Essential Beard Grooming Tips & Different Beard Styles to Complement Your Face Shape!

Maintaining a beard and other types of facial hair is easy when you know how.

Everything You Need To Know About Beards, Moustaches & Grooming Facial Hair

Beards used to be associated with poor hygiene and savageness but the 21st century has changed all that. Beards have undoubtedly made a massive comeback, so much so that even celebrities are opting for different beard styles. But unlike the clean shaven look, the unshaven look requires a lot more care.

The growth of facial hair can be attributed to a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Another interesting fact about facial hair is that factors like genes as well as the rate at which this hormone is produced affect the rate of growth.
Charles Darwin suggested that men may have started developing facial hair owing to the natural selection process hinting at the fact that women consider men with beards or some form of facial hair more attractive.

If you want to grow a beard then it is essential you understand that not everyone’s beard will grow the same, in terms of density and volume. So it is important that you don’t compare but rather pick a style that best suits your growth pattern and face structure.

Here are a few common facial hair styles that you can choose from:

#1 Classic Stubble

The stubble comprises short to medium hair growth on the upper lip, sides and chin. The trick to getting this style right is to let the hair grow more than the length you desire and then to trim it down.

#2 French Fork

It looks like the stubble but it is different in that you let your facial hair grow past your chin. After that you split it down the middle into two parts.

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#3 Circle

This style is a combination of a rounded goatee and a moustache. This one is really easy to maintain and is for those who prefer a neat looking beard.

#4 Goatee

To sport this style, simply grow the hair just beneath your lower lip till it meets with your chin hair.

#5 Mutton Chops

Grow your sideburns till they meet your moustache and all the way past your chin on either side. But remember, don’t grow any hair on your chin for this style!

3 Beard Maintenance Tips:

  1. Use products with a high SPF
  2. Wash your face regularly using the same soap you use to wash your face
  3. Use gel to keep your beard and moustache tidy looking

Always use aftershave to avoid skin irritation. Gillette Artic Ice Aftershave is a trusted product that will prevent skin irritation post shaving!

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