Celebrities and facial hair makeover

What Celebrities Think About Facial Hair

Does your man need a facial hair makeover this party season?

Find the best facial hair .for your man this Christmas from 3 celebrity masters of style, Andre 3000 Benjamin, Gael Garcia Bernal and Adrien Brody, in partnership with Gillette’s new precision styling tool for men. 

Gael Garcia Bernal, actor 
You can change your expression and personality completely by having a beard or a moustache. It’s an essential tool for acting. 

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Adrien Brody, Academy Award winning actor
Facial hair is so style specific; it can define your look all by itself. Trimming my beard is the most important part of my grooming routine – I can’t leave the house without trimming and styling my facial hair. Next, I’m excited to try a moustache.

Andre 3000, musician and fashion designer
My facial hair frames my face and mirrors my personality and style, which is preppy-bohemian with Southern accents. I cut and trim it myself – it’s the second thing I do every morning after brushing my teeth, before I hit the shower. Grooming first makes me feel fresh. I use the Styler for edging and accuracy on those hard to reach 

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