6 Tips That Make Shaving Body Hair Easy For Men

6 Tips That Make Shaving Body Hair Easy For Men

Body hair, when excessive, can be a social nightmare. Yes, even for men. Waxing for chest hair removal might be too painful, and when shaving is an option, why look elsewhere. But most men treat their body like their face, and the result isn’t always pretty.

Body hair removal for men isn’t just for the fancy boys. Perhaps it is the girlfriend who wants you to be smoother and cleaner. Or perhaps you’re a swimmer or bodybuilder who wants to flaunt that toned physique.

Here are a few shaving tips for men for easier body hair removal.

1. Use a trimmer.

It is advisable to shorten the hair before shaving. Carefully use the clipper (like your barber has) to trim away all the hair from your chest, arms and legs. Ask someone to trim unreachable areas like the back. Ideally, use only the trimmer in delicate areas like the underarms and the groin.

2. Soak before the shave.

Allow the body part to be shaved to soak in hot water for 2-3 minutes before shaving. The steam and hot water will swell up the hair shafts making them softer and easier to cut.

Alternatively, you can also apply an exfoliating scrub to relax and soften the hair. It will also remove the top layer of dead skin cells.


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3. Lather well.

Do not make the mistake of using soap as it dries the skin. Shaving foam won’t do either, since it doesn’t lubricate adequately. Plus, you won’t see where the razor is going. Instead, use a transparent, lubricatinggel.

4. Direction matters.

Never shave against the grain. For the legs, use long, downward strokes. For the underarms (where hair doesn’t have one direction), shave with short strokes, alternating horizontal and vertical strokes. Shave upwards in the groin area. Take care in bony areas. Go slow and apply minimal pressure to prevent cutting yourself.

5. Use a sharp blade.

Never use a dull blade for shaving body hair. It will irritate the skin and you could develop razor rash. If you are using an electric shaver, it will have instructions on when to change the blades.To minimise friction, rinse the razor head frequently to dislodge hair and skin build-up.

6. Moisturise well.

Remember, you are shaving your body for the first time. It could get irritated. To soothe it, use a post-shave balm or moisturiser afterwards, like you would on your face. Go with your skin type and choose one accordingly.

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