Personal Grooming Tips for Men by Reward Me

5 Subtle Grooming Tips

These 5 tips will help you look your best, for any occasion.

Mention the word “grooming” and your mind instantly shuts down. Majority of men don’t want to chat about ways to make their skin softer or hair shinier. But these tips will help to look and feel your best. Here are five subtle ways you can look even more dapper.

1. Long-lasting Body Wash

Cologne is perfect for special occasions and nights out on the town. But instead of spraying on a strong scent for everyday freshness, try a long-lasting body wash. 

2. Freshly Trimmed Nails

Manicure tips don’t downplay your masculinity. If you cut your nails either in the shower or right when you get out of the shower, the moisture from the water will give your nails softer edges, avoiding the need to file.

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3. Groomed Eyebrows

Waxing isn’t just for women, and you will benefit from a once a month eyebrow wax or pluck. You can still have brows that look natural but just tidying them up a bit will work wonders.

4. Smoother Shaving

Keep your shaving gel on a few minutes longer than you usually do. This will make your coarse hair softer, ensuring an easier shave. Plus, it’ll add more moisture to your skin. And don’t forget about the aftershave! It helps provide instant cooling relief for just shaved skin. You’ll love Gillette Fusion After Shave Lotion.
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5. Slick Hair

Keep your hair looking fresh with a dandruff-fighting shampoo, but be sure to find one that smells fresh too, like Head & Shoulders Shampoo for men. Once your hair is dry, apply pomade. Try to find a non-greasy formula — it’ll give your hair more flexibility than a stiff spray.

It’s amazing how a few simple tweaks can make such a difference! You’ll look handsome and smell fresher in no time at all.

How do you keep looking your best? Share your tips with us in the comments below.

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